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Type: Topography
SubType: Calpheon
Name: Northern Calpheon (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 30
Number Name and Details
1Lake Kaia (Lake Kaia)
2Marni Cave Path (Marni Cave Path)
3Kalis Plaza (Kalis Plaza)
4Calpheon Castle Site (Calpheon Castle Site)
5Calpheon Market (Calpheon Market)
6Calpheon Slum (Calpheon Slum)
7Florin (Florin)
8Calpheon (Calpheon)
9Port Epheria (Port Epheria)
10Delphe Knights Castle (Delphe Knights Castle)
11Old Dandelion (Old Dandelion)
12Bree Tree Ruins (Bree Tree Ruins)
13Waragon Cave (Waragon Cave)
14Khuruto Cave (Khuruto Cave)
15Calpheon Plain (Calpheon Plain)
16Bernianto Farm (Bernianto Farm)
17Elder?s Bridge Post (Elder?s Bridge Post)
18Cohen Farm (Cohen Farm)
19Epheria Valley (Epheria Valley)
20Epheria Sentry Post (Epheria Sentry Post)
21Dias Farm (Dias Farm)
22Isolated Sentry Post (Isolated Sentry Post)
23Caphras Cave (Caphras Cave)
24Contaminated Farm (Contaminated Farm)
25Northern Wheat Plantation (Northern Wheat Plantation)
26Karanda Ridge (Karanda Ridge)
27Delphe Outpost (Delphe Outpost)
28Anti-Troll Fortification (Anti-Troll Fortification)
29Quint Hill (Quint Hill)
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