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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Character
SubType: Node Manager (Inland)
Name: Node Manager (Southwestern Calpheon) (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 24
Number Name and Details
1Agria Jens (Relaxed Old Guy at Lumber Camp)
2Tobare (Goblin Bridge Node Manager)
3Ribley (Gathering Hill Node Manager)
4Mansha (Mansha Forest Goblin Cabin)
5Kaku (Ogre Region Node Manager)
6Mancini (Diligent Catfishman at Catfishman Camp)
7Bob Anderson (Calpheon Entrance Farm Land Node Manager)
8Bavao (South Kaia Pier Splashing Catfishman)
9Kamasylve Priestess Lunia (Kamasylve Priestess at Rhua Tree Stub)
10Elinke Visamin (Old Commander at Kaia Outpost)
11Resting Rhutum (Conversable Rhutum at Rhutum Camp)
12Kamasylve Priestess Nellamorin (Kamasylve Priestess at Behr Riverhead)
13Patreo (North Kaia Pier Dispatched Soldier)
14Treant Spirit (Treant Forest Guardian)
15Eagle of Calpheon (Calpheon Castle Eagle)
16Sirio (Bomb Carrying Otter at Lake Kaia)
17Dragon Egg (Calpheon Mountaintop)
18Keplan Vet Rosanir (Veterinarian in Southwest Keplan)
19Human Remains (Human Traces in the Witchs Realm)
20Bojanka (Phoniels Cabin Node Manager)
21Villa Owner Phoniel (Phoniels Cabin Owner)
22Hexes Curse (Curse of Hexe Marie)
23Doctor Brogia (Medical Scientist in Land of Gargoyles)
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