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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Character
SubType: Node Manager (Inland)
Name: Node Manager (Keplan) (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 26
Number Name and Details
1Night Owl (Night Owl at Hexe Stone Wall)
2Jame Falres (Falres Farm Owner)
3Bava (Remains of Marnis Lab)
4Ancient Relic on Beacon Tower (Relic at Trina Knights Beacon Towers)
5Trina Knights Soldier Max (Saunil Battlefield Soldier)
6Naku Davi (Primal Giant Post Descendant of Gehaku)
7Trina Knights Scout Henley (Saunil Camp Scout)
8Keplan Scout Sam (Sam, Scout of Keplan Hill)
9Rough Mud Pile (Marni Farm Ruins Node Manager)
10Petrified Laborers (Laborers at Oze Pass)
11Henge Bato (Keplan Byway Soldier)
12Gatherer Fabris (Tarte Rock Fork Gatherer)
13Stranded Soldier John (Stranded Soldier at Dane Canyon)
14Investigator Olgert (Petrifying Disease Investigator at Ozes House)
15Nurse Phirea (Healing Hand at Keplan Quarry)
16Rock Investigator Enruka (Quarry Byway Investigator)
17Patrol Anna (Glutoni Cave Scout)
18Batuetta (Serendia Western Gateway Node Manager)
19Goolie Gianin (Gianin Farm Owner)
20Hunter Barant (Faust Forest Hunter)
21Giant Chief Statue (Statue of a Chieftain in Gehaku Plain)
22Abandoned Quarry Scout Theo (Abandoned Quarry Scout)
23Lonebaer (Gatekeeper of Keplan Beacon Towers)
24Matheo Oberen (Oberen Farm Owner)
25Protruding Crystal (North Abandoned Quarry Crystal)
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