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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Adventure Journal
Mountain of Eternal Winter Journal
Mountain of Eternal Winter Adventure Log II (3 energy) (66 knowledge)

1The Alchemist's Thesis That Garnered Great Publicity (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Dalishain has become interested in Oxiterr Crystals recently)
2Slanted Gate (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A mine shaft gateway that was shut down due to a great battle)
3Working in Vain (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Mercenaries who wasted their time at the Derelict Trade Post)
4Animal Instincts You Cannot Ignore (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Adventurers by the Derelict Trade Post)
5Mine of Far-to-Seek Traces (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A mine entrance that broke down due to the great battle)
6Bridge of Silent Prayers (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Victim memorial bridge)
7A Good Merchant Can Sell Anywhere (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A merchant calling adventurers by the Shrine of Silent Prayers)
8Punctured Lung (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A place where the unique terrain of the Shrine of Silent Prayers can be seen)
9The Truth Behind Those Worshipping Dragons (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The reason the dragon altar exists)
10Prayers for Returning Alive (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Reason why adventurers visit the Shrine of Silent Prayers)
11Pilgrim's End's Monopoly (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]The most successful merchant of Pilgrim's End)
12Pinecone Being Dried (Can be obtained through [Interaction]An ingredient for brewing that is being dried in Pilgrim's End)
13Unrepaired Wall (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Trace of rushed construction in Pilgrim's End)
14Map with Development Schedule (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The development schedule of Pilgrim's End)
15Unwelcomed Guests (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Somewhere in Pilgrim's End where there's commotion between people)
16Septic Tank for Sustaining Life (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The gigantic machine that Tori maintains)
17Remodeled Alchemy Tool (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A tool that showcases Marni's tendencies)
18Marni's Distiller (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Marni's suspicious distiller)
19Floating Specimen (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Marni's experimental specimens)
20Murrowak's Hardened Eggs (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Murrowak's Eggs found in Tori Woods)
21Meaningless Sacrifices (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The place where workers are being meaninglessly sacrificed in the Sherekhan Iron Mine)
22Mine Explosives (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Mining tool in Sherekhan Iron Mine)
23Low Grade Black Crystal Ore (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Old pieces of ores in Sherekhan Iron Mine)
24Black Crystal Diverter (Can be obtained through [Interaction]An interesting looking tool in the Sherekhan Iron Mine)
25Never-ending Suffering (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The trade happening at the west of Sherekhan Iron Mine)
26Barbarian's Base (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A place Barbarians gather in Sherekhan Iron Mine)
27Hidden Liquor Bottle (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Hidden liquor bottles at the Eilton eastern guard camp)
28Tear-salted Fish (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Why does the freshwater fish stand smell fishy?)
29A Trickster with a Good Impression (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The one person that the merchants in Eilton are extremely cautious around?)
30Eilton's Greatest Belle (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Why are men gathered at Eilton square?)
31Dine and Dash (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Find an otter worried about fish thieves in Eilton.)
32Harmony Music Band (Can be obtained through [Interaction]You can hear an exciting song from Eilton's hill tavern.)
33Narangerel's Special Soup (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The most popular special soup in Eilton)
34The Scared Prison Warden (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Why doesn't the Snowstorm Guard Post prison warden look back?)
35The Three People (Can be obtained through [Interaction]What kind of sob story does the man who's peering into a tent at Snowstorm Guard Post have?)
36Griffons at the Citron Orchard (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Place where little griffons are playing at the citron orchard)
37Cogwheels of the Citron Orchard (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Dwarves at Citron Orchard say this place wouldn't run without them.)
38Papus Like Strawberries (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The fruit Papus look for every day in the citron orchard)
39The Cruel Reality at the Charcoal Workshop (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Goblins who are working in the Charcoal Workshop near Awina's Tail)
40Moving to the Countryside (Can be obtained through [Interaction]You can hear workers murmuring on one side of Tripath junction.)
41Tricky Trade Permit (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Serendian merchants visiting Tripath Junction)
42Tripath Junction's Exquisite Soup (Can be obtained through [Interaction]That one food Viktor has confidence in)
43Leomar's Beer Barrel (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The item that Leomar loves)
44The Three Powers at Tripath Junction (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A soldier who looks like he was born in Tripath Junction)
45Place of Harmony (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A story blossoms near the Awina's Tail Tripath Junction bonfire.)
46Students taking the Chantus Exam (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Drieghanese youth are gathered in the middle of Wind Nol's Perch.)
47Stacking a Stone Pagoda (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The joyful children at the altar near the front of Charbonneau Villa)
48Drieghanese Vacation (Can be obtained through [Interaction]It's said Drieghanese villagers often visit Charbonneau Villa when vacationing.)
49Cargo Sled (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A random sled in Camp Balacs, which doesn't get much snow)
50Isobelle's Favorite Drink (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Scent of Wine from a Calpheonian tent at Camp Balacs)
51Laws of Trading II: Know Their Demands (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there's something the Calpheon nobles are paying attention to at Camp Balacs...)
52Laws of Trading I: Unique Product (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there's something all Valencians are trying to buy at Camp Balacs...)
53Camp Balacs Tourist Attraction (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Somewhere in Camp Balacs, there's the sound of Drieghanese children being amazed.)
54The Early Merchant Gets to Count the Silver (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A merchant who couldn't get a spot at Camp Balacs)
55Miserable Goblins (Can be obtained through [Interaction]You can hear grumbles on Altar Road.)
56Soldiers Praying at the Altar (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Soldiers praying on Altar Road)
57Drieghan and Serendia's Joint Construction (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Peaceful looking Drieghanese and Serendian soldiers on Altar Road)
58Stench of a Rotten Final Deal (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A Merchant on the Verge of Being Kicked Out of Altar Road)
59Santos, the Evil Owner (Can be obtained through [Interaction]after learning about SantosA cook that appears to be upset on the altar road)
60The Last Journey of Winter's Beginning (Mountain of Eternal Winter)
61Romance at Great Heights (Bronte's Bolt)
62Verdure Heart of Eilton (Eilton)
63Canyon Crossed by Wind Nol (Wind Nol's Perch)
64Zvier Highlands Viewpoint (Zvier Highlands)
65Spot Traced by Spirits (Shrine of Silent Prayers)
66The Start of Another Journey (Pilgrim's End)

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