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11-26 Imperial Updated. | 12-13 XBO PS4 Legacy Imperial

12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Kamasylvia
Name: Manshaum (1 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 9
Number Name and Details
1Manshaum Hut (Manshaum Hut)
2Manshaum Totem (Manshaum Totem)
3Manshaum Narcs Spear (Manshaum Narcs Spear)
4Manshaum Charm (Manshaum Charm)
5Manshaum Fighter (Manshaum Fighter)
6Manshaum Hunter (Manshaum Hunter)
7Manshaum Great Warrior (Manshaum Great Warrior)
8Manshaum Warrior (Manshaum Warrior)
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