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Type: Life Skill
SubType: Alchemy
Name: Liquid and Solid Processing Material

Knowledges in this Group: 15
1. Oil of the Abyss (Tyrant's Blood x1, Deep Sea Fruit x1, Powder of Time x2, Bloody Tree Knot x2)
2. Pure Powder Reagent (Sugar x1, Silver Azalea x1, Purified Water x1, Wild Grass x1 (Weeds x1))
3. Clear Liquid Reagent (Salt x1, Sunrise Herb x1, Purified Water x1, Wild Grass x1(Weeds x1))
4. Herbal Gunpowder (Insectivore Plant Powder x1, Powder of Darkness x1)
5. Herbal Poison (Insectivore Plant Sap x1, Amanita Mushroom x5)
6. Oil of Tranquility (Wise Man's Blood x1, Fruit of Magic Power x1, Powder of Earth x1, Bloody Tree Knot x1)
7. Oil of Corruption (Sinner's Blood X1, Fruit of the Sun X1, Powder of Darkness X1, Spirit's Leaf X1)
8. Oil of Fortitude (Clown's Blood x1, Fruit of Nature x1, Powder of Flame x1, Monk's Branch x1)
9. Oil of Storms (Tyrant's Blood x1, Fruit of Abundance x1, Powder of Time x1, Old Tree Bark x1)
10. Oil of Regeneration (Legendary Beast's Blood x1, Fruit of Crimson Flame x1, Powder of Crevice x1, Red Tree Lump x1 (Everlasting Herb x1))
11. Wise Man's Blood (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Fox Blood x2, Trace of Ascension x1, Monk's Branch x1)
12. Sinner's Blood (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Pig Blood x2, Powder of Flame x1, Bloody Tree Knot x1)
13. Clown's Blood (Clear Liquid Reagent x1, Wolf Blood x1, Powder of Darkness x1, Spirit's Leaf x1)
14. Tyrant's Blood (Pure Powder Reagent x1, Bear Blood x2, Trace of Savagery x1, Monk's Branch x1)
15. Legendary Beast's Blood (Pure Powder Reagent x1, Lizard Blood x2, Trace of the Earth x1, Spirit's Leaf x1)

Then tomorrow we may all be dead, but how would that be different from any other day? This is a war, and we are soldiers. Death can come for us at any time, in any place. Now consider the alternative. What if I am right? What if the prophecy is true? What if tomorrow the war could be over? Isn't that worth fighting for? Isn't that worth dying for?

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