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Type: Character
SubType: People of Kamasylvia
Name: Lemoria Guard Soldiers (1 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 15
1. Liudia (Manshaum Scout of Lemoria)
2. Lumen (Lemoria Guard Storage Keeper)
3. Neubella (Central Lemoria Camp Commander)
4. Leminei Lain (Lemoria Guard Post Trade Manager)
5. Surichi (Lemoria Guard Post Quartermaster)
6. Narchillan (Lemoria Guard Post Captain )
7. Erfianso (The Singing Kamasylve Priestess)
8. Variel (Lemoria Guard Stable Keeper)
9. Obi Bellen (Old Wisdom Tree Trade Manager)
10. Rileysaman (General Goods Vendors of Lemoria Guards)
11. Puritora (Lemoria Guards Blacksmith)
12. Anbelif (Lemoria Guard Commander)
13. Haardeleer (Material Vendor of Lemoria Guard Post)
14. Mauriel (Lemoria Guard Post Stable Keeper)
15. Dellenas (General Goods Vendors of Lemoria Guard Post)

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