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Type: Character
SubType: People of Kamasylvia
Name: Kamasylvian Spirits (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 15
1. Nelindo (Forest Ronaros of Tooth Fairy Forest)
2. Tulid (Tulids Cave)
3. Ashlynn (Ash Forest Node Manager)
4. Yianaros (Yianaross Field Node Manager)
5. Lonamin (Western Valtarra Mountains)
6. Merindora (The Oldest Spirit in Kamasylvia)
7. Krogdalos Trace (Krogdalos Trace Node Manager)
8. Klaruss Mushroom (Pollys Forest Node Manager)
9. Moyamo (Okiara River Node Manager)
10. Bahdrond (White Wood Forest Node Manager)
11. Looney (Spirit Living in Weenie Looney Cabin)
12. Weenie (Spirit Living in Weenie Looney Cabin)
13. Bronn (Tooth Fairy Cabin Owner)
14. Tvisa (Tooth Fairy Cabin Owner)
15. Remitaronsom (Tooth Fairy Chief)

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