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11-26 Imperial Updated.

12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Adventure Journal
SubType: Kamasylvia Journal
Name: Kamasylvia Adventure Journal II (1 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 16
Number Name and Details
1Fairy Laila (Fairy Laila)
2Fairy Trapped in a Crevice (Fairy Trapped in a Crevice)
3Raising Young Kamasylve (Can be obtained through [Quest]Blessing to Young Kamasylve)
4Symbol of the Mother: Justice (Symbol of the Mother: Justice)
5Symbol of the Mother: Mercy (Symbol of the Mother: Mercy)
6Symbol of the Mother: Love (Symbol of the Mother: Love)
7Record of the Suns Brightness (Record of the Suns Brightness)
8Record of the Moons Darkness (Record of the Moons Darkness)
9Hero Journal of Vedir (Hero Journal of Vedir)
10Gyfin Rhasia and Kamasylvia (Can be obtained through [Quest]A Pact)
11Opinion of Oliver Bedmountain (Can be obtained through [Quest] Strange Ruins)
12Great Legacy (Can be obtained through [Quest]Uncovering History)
13Edana and Gyfin Rhasia (Can be obtained through [Quest]Uncovering History)
14Gyfin Rhasia Temple Story III (Can be obtained through [Quest]Awaken Speech)
15Gyfin Rhasia Temple Story II (Can be obtained through [Quest]Awaken Speech)
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