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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Academics
SubType: Academics
Name: History I (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 16
Number Name and Details
1Watchtower Bridge (An Anecdote Told by Xaviero Vitello)
2The Great Library of Calpheon (Quest from Holy College of Calpheon)
3Statue at the Charnel House (Velia Charnel House)
4Fall of Cron Castle (Cron Castle Sites Hidden Cave)
5Ramones of Balenos (Velia Charnel House)
6Black Revolution (Lord of Heidels Lamentation)
7Black Death (Lord of Heidels Knowledge)
8History of Vehicles (Olivieros Knowledge)
9Naga Home (Ancient Naga Statue)
10Orphans of War (Bitter Lara)
11The Doubtful Death of a Young King (Caresto Fontis Knowledge)
12The Great Move of the Savages (Mauls Lesson)
13Disaster of Forgiveness (Soldier Observing Heidel Training Ground)
14Legacy of a 30 Year Invasion (Citizen inside Heidel Church)
15Resistance or Revolution? (Kaels Question)
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