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Life Skill
Guild Processing (30 knowledge)
1. [Guild] Fresh Veggies (Special Corn x10, Special Pumpkin x10, Special Carrot x10) 
2. [Guild] Juicy Fruits (Coconut X10, Special Grape X10, Special Olive X10) 
3. [Guild] Soft Hay (Weeds x10, Barley x10) 
4. [Guild] Old Moon Magic Neutralizer (Fruit of Magic Power x1, Wise Man's Blood x1, Wolf Blood x10, Powder of Crevice x10) 
5. [Guild] Restoration of Cadry's Forbidden Book (Cadry's Token x100, [Guild] Parchment x1, Sheep Blood x10, Powder of Darkness x10) 
6. [Guild] Stormy Rope ([Guild] Hekaru's Spikex3, [Guild] Ocean Stalker's Skin x1, Flax 100, Trace of Despair x10) 
7. [Guild] Sandy Ingot ([Guild] Black Rust Jawbone x2, [Guild] Ocean Stalker's Skin x1, Vanadium Ore x100, Trace of the Earth x10) 
8. [Guild] Cloudy Timber ([Guild] Candidum's Shell x2, [Guild] Ocean Stalker's Skin x1, Palm Timber x100, Trace of Ascension x10) 
9. [Guild] Sea Horn ([Guild] Nineshark's Horn Fragment x10, [Guild] Ocean Stalker's Skin x1, Sturdy Timber Square x10, Trace of Origin x10) 
10. [Guild] Crude Decoration (Giant Pearl Oyster x1, Celadon Conch x1) 
11. [Guild] Sticky Glue (Lobster x1, Sulfur x10) 
12. [Guild] Beast's Skin ([Guild] Lion Hide x5, Trace of Savagery x1, Leather Glaze x1) 
13. [Guild] Tough Silk Thread ([Guild] Silk Thread x1, Weed x1, Powder of Crevice x1) 
14. [Guild] Titanium Stud ([Guild] Melted Titanium Fragment x2, Blackstone Powder x1) 
15. [Guild] Vanadium Chain ([Guild] Melted Vanadium Fragment x2, Blackstone Powder x1) 
16. [Guild] Everlasting Tree Plywood ([Guild] Palm Plywood x5, Powder of Time x1, Trace of Origin x1) 
17. [Guild] Phoenix Skin ([Guild] Fine Tough Hide x2, Fine Hardened Hide x2, Legendary Beast's Blood x2) 
18. [Guild] Timber for Fixing the Cage ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Usable Scantling x5) 
19. [Guild] Elephant Cage Parts ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Cedar Plywood x1) 
20. [Guild] Elephant Food ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Spirit's Leaf x5, Old Tree Bark x5, Fruit of Nature x5, Weed x5) 
21. [Guild] Water for Elephant ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Mineral Water x5, Purified Water x5) 
22. [Guild] Wind-laden Flax Cloth ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Flax Fabric x2, Elixir of Flowing Wind x1, Monk's Branch x1) 
23. [Guild] Spirit-laden Plywood ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Spirit's Leaf x10, Pine Plywood x2, Red Tree Lump x4) 
24. [Guild] Desert Alloy Ingot ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Melted Vanadium Shard x5, Melted Titanium Shard x5, Legendary Beast's Blood x1) 
25. [Guild] Iron Core Timber Square ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Steel x2, Standardized Timber Square x2, White Cedar Sap x4) 
26. [Guild] Seal ([Guild] White Cedar Timber x2, Rough Translucent Crystal x2) 
27. [Guild] Wax ([Guild] Pine Sap x2, Rough Ruby x2) 
28. [Guild] Parchment ([Guild] Ox Hide x2, Blackstone Powder x2) 
29. [Guild] Ink ([Guild] Processed Coal x2, Blackstone Powder x2) 
30. [Guild] Clearance Request ([Guild] Ink x1, Parchment x1, Wax x1, Seal x1) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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