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Type: Life Skill
SubType: Processing
Name: Guild Processing

Knowledges in this Group: 34
1. [Guild] Charior Exterior Strengthening Material ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Pure Vanadium Crystal x1, Brass Ingot x1, Trace of Violence x10)
2. [Guild] Fresh Veggies (Special Corn x10, Special Pumpkin x10, Special Carrot x10)
3. [Guild] Juicy Fruits (Coconut X10, Special Grape X10, Special Olive X10)
4. [Guild] Soft Hay (Weeds x10, Barley x10)
5. [Guild] Old Moon Magic Neutralizer (Fruit of Magic Power x1, Wise Mans Blood x1, Wolf Blood x10, Powder of Crevice x10)
6. [Guild] Restoration of Cadrys Forbidden Book (Cadrys Token x100, [Guild] Parchment x1, Sheep Blood x10, Powder of Darkness x10)
7. [Guild] Stormy Rope ([Guild] Hekarus Spikex3, [Guild] Ocean Stalkers Skin x1, Flax 100, Trace of Despair x10)
8. [Guild] Sandy Ingot ([Guild] Black Rusts Jawbone x2, [Guild] Ocean Stalkers Skin x1, Vanadium x100, Trace of the Earth x10)
9. [Guild] Cloudy Timber ([Guild] Candidums Shell x2, [Guild] Ocean Stalkers Skin x1, Palm Timber x100, Trace of Ascension x10)
10. [Guild] Sea Horn ([Guild] Ninesharks Horn Fragment x10, [Guild] Ocean Stalkers Skin x1, Sturdy Timber Square x10, Trace of Origin x10)
11. [Guild] Crude Decoration (Giant Pearl Oyster x1, Celadon Conch x1)
12. [Guild] Sticky Glue (Lobster x1, Sulfur x10)
13. [Guild] Beasts Skin ([Guild] Lion Hide x5, Trace of Savagery x1, Leather Glaze x1)
14. [Guild] Tough Silk Thread ([Guild] Silk Thread x1, Weed x1, Powder of Crevice x1)
15. [Guild] Titanium Stud ([Guild] Melted Titanium Fragment x2, Blackstone Powder x1)
16. [Guild] Vanadium Chain ([Guild] Melted Vanadium Fragment x2, Blackstone Powder x1)
17. [Guild] Everlasting Tree Plywood ([Guild] Palm Plywood x5, Powder of Time x1, Trace of Origin x1)
18. [Guild] Phoenix Skin ([Guild] Fine Tough Hide x2, Fine Hardened Hide x2, Legendary Beasts Blood x2)
19. [Guild] Timber for Fixing the Cage ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Usable Scantling x5)
20. [Guild] Elephant Cage Parts ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Cedar Plywood x1)
21. [Guild] Elephant Food ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Spirits Leaf x5, Old Tree Bark x5, Fruit of Nature x5, Weed x5)
22. [Guild] Water for Elephant ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Mineral Water x5, Purified Water x5)
23. [Guild] Test Gunpowder ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Sulfur x10, Coal x2, Blackstone Powder x10, Rough Stone x1)
24. [Guild] War Goddesss Thill ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Sturdy Timber Square x5, Steel x5, Palm Tree Sap x50, Trace of Battle x10)
25. [Guild] Vanadium Steel Ingot ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Pure Vanadium Crystal x1, Brass Ingot x1, Steel x4)
26. [Guild] Wind-laden Flax Cloth ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Flax Fabric x2, Elixir of Flowing Wind x1, Monks Branch x1)
27. [Guild] Spirit-laden Plywood ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Spirits Leaf x10, Pine Plywood x2, Red Tree Lump x4)
28. [Guild] Desert Alloy Ingot ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Melted Vanadium Shard x5, Melted Titanium Shard x5, Legendary Beasts Blood x1)
29. [Guild] Iron Core Timber Square ([Guild] Clearance Permit x1, Steel x2, Standardized Timber Square x2, White Cedar Sap x4)
30. [Guild] Seal ([Guild] White Cedar Timber x2, Rough Translucent Crystal x2)
31. [Guild] Wax ([Guild] Pine Sap x2, Rough Ruby x2)
32. [Guild] Parchment ([Guild] Ox Hide x2, Blackstone Powder x2)
33. [Guild] Ink ([Guild] Processed Coal x2, Blackstone Powder x2)
34. [Guild] Clearance Request ([Guild] Ink x1, Parchment x1, Wax x1, Seal x1)

So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

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