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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Adventure Journal
SubType: Valencia Journal
Name: Great Desert Expedition Log III (1 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 13
Number Name and Details
1Desert Survival Guide (Traces of Camping)
2Mileposts on the Desert (Mileposts on the Desert)
3Broken Slab (Broken Slab)
4Survivors Journal (Survivors Journal)
5Lost Piece of a Forbidden Book (Can be obtained through [Quest][Daily] Lost Piece of a Forbidden Book)
6Power Engine of Ancient Weapons (Can be obtained through [Quest][Daily] Power Engine of Ancient Weapons)
7Bluish Sulfur (Can be obtained through [Quest][Daily] Bluish Sulfur)
8Mark of a Secret Organization (Can be obtained through [Quest][Daily] Mark of a Secret Organization)
9Pila Ku in the Midst of Chaos (Can be obtained through [Quest]Eliminating Hidden Threat to the Kingdom)
10Atui Balacss Worries (Can be obtained through [Quest]Rookies Role Model)
11Trouble at the Sulfur Works (Can be obtained through [Quest]Last Resort)
12Shroud Detached Force (Can be obtained through [Quest]Boleros Secret Mission #3)
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