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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Adventure Journal
Kamasylvia Journal
Grandiha Adventure Log (15 knowledge)

1Poorly-repaired Building (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there is only one damaged building in all of Grándiha. What could be the reason?)
2Goddess' Sound of Water (Can be obtained through [Interaction]I hear there is a statue of the Goddess Kamiah pouring water where not many people walk. They say you become overwhelmed with a certain emotion when you're there.)
3Mysterious Boats (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There are two boats parked in Grándiha's port. See if it's true.)
4Light Shining Upon Grándiha (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The highest point of Grándiha. It seems like the shining light is trying to speak to you.)
5Lonely Flower (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Under the light on a stone path where one would not expect to see flowers. Beautiful purple and blue flowers are in bloom.)
6Childish Novels (Can be obtained through [Interaction]I've heard someone just left books out in the open at the nearest building in Port Grándiha. Shall we take a look?)
7Predicting the Future from the Past (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There's a book in Grándiha that can reveal or enlighten unknown truths. Find that book.)
8How to Maintain a Healthy Country (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there's a book written by the Guard Captain of the past in Grándiha somewhere. Go check out the library.)
9Grándihan World Map (Can be obtained through [Interaction]For the one who thrives for adventure, shouldn't drawing a map of the world be on their bucket list? I heard there exists such a map in Grándiha somewhere.)
10Goddess Sylvia Statue (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there is the largest statue of the Goddess Sylvia located somewhere in Grándiha. Wouldn't it be located somewhere very important?)
11Nostalgic Memories (Can be obtained through [Interaction]What significance does the painting next to Secretta have?)
12Wall of Promise (Can be obtained through [Quest]Seems Hilda holds many memories of this place. What kind of memories could they be?)
13Fountain of Reconciliation (Can be obtained through [Quest]Pupa seems to know a bit about the fountain near the building by the port. Go ask about it.)
14Summit of Silence (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say a certain song used to be heard from the heights of old Grándiha. New to Grándiha, Murizera is also interested in the truth of that rumor.)
15Kamiah (Can be obtained through [Quest]The white tree next to Jezabelle reminds you of Kamasylve. Ask Jezabelle for the reason why.)

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