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Adventure Journal
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Grandiha Adventure Log (15 knowledge)
1. Poorly-repaired Building (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there is only one damaged building in all of Grándiha. What could be the reason?)
2. Goddess' Sound of Water (Can be obtained through [Interaction]I hear there is a statue of the Goddess Kamiah pouring water where not many people walk. They say you become overwhelmed with a certain emotion when you're there.)
3. Mysterious Boats (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There are two boats parked in Grándiha's port. See if it's true.)
4. Light Shining Upon Grándiha (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The highest point of Grándiha. It seems like the shining light is trying to speak to you.)
5. Lonely Flower (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Under the light on a stone path where one would not expect to see flowers. Beautiful purple and blue flowers are in bloom.)
6. Childish Novels (Can be obtained through [Interaction]I've heard someone just left books out in the open at the nearest building in Port Grándiha. Shall we take a look?)
7. Predicting the Future from the Past (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There's a book in Grándiha that can reveal or enlighten unknown truths. Find that book.)
8. How to Maintain a Healthy Country (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there's a book written by the Guard Captain of the past in Grándiha somewhere. Go check out the library.)
9. Grándihan World Map (Can be obtained through [Interaction]For the one who thrives for adventure, shouldn't drawing a map of the world be on their bucket list? I heard there exists such a map in Grándiha somewhere.)
10. Goddess Sylvia Statue (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there is the largest statue of the Goddess Sylvia located somewhere in Grándiha. Wouldn't it be located somewhere very important?)
11. Nostalgic Memories (Can be obtained through [Interaction]What significance does the painting next to Secretta have?)
12. Wall of Promise (Can be obtained through [Quest]Seems Hilda holds many memories of this place. What kind of memories could they be?)
13. Fountain of Reconciliation (Can be obtained through [Quest]Pupa seems to know a bit about the fountain near the building by the port. Go ask about it.)
14. Summit of Silence (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say a certain song used to be heard from the heights of old Grándiha. New to Grándiha, Murizera is also interested in the truth of that rumor.)
15. Kamiah (Can be obtained through [Quest]The white tree next to Jezabelle reminds you of Kamasylve. Ask Jezabelle for the reason why.) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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