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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Character
SubType: People of Serendia
Name: Glish Villager (2 energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 16
Number Name and Details
1Carlo DeRose (Guy Up All Night Worrying Over Daughter)
2Larc (Glish Trade Manager)
3Daniela DeRose (Girl from Glish Farm)
4Bach (Worker Manager)
5Frenil (Glish Storage Keeper)
6Deborah (Glish Innkeeper)
7Amaranto (Glish Arms Dealer)
8Lionel Riche (Glish Priest)
9Dernyl (Dernyl Farm Owner)
10Freharau (Chief of Glish)
11Rolenai (Eastern Gateway Stable Keeper)
12Urahr (Easy-Going Guy)
13Ambrosia (Southern Guard Post Stable Keeper)
14Kanna (Artist in Glish)
15Kardash (Glish Orc Blacksmith)
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