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11-26 Imperial Updated.

12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Kamasylvia
Name: Forest Kamasylvia II (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 39
Number Name and Details
1Lapis Lazuli Crab (Lapis Lazuli Crab)
2Lapis Lazuli Bison (Lapis Lazuli Bison)
3Contaminated Ivy Guard (Contaminated Ivy Guard)
4Contaminated Bush Keeper (Contaminated Bush Keeper)
5Vera Grassland Crab (Vera Grassland Crab)
6Grassland Hedgehog (Grassland Hedgehog)
7Rock Rhino (Rock Rhino)
8Kamasylvia Herb Stoneback Crab (Kamasylvia Herb Stoneback Crab)
9Kamasylvia Scrub Stoneback Crab (Kamasylvia Scrub Stoneback Crab)
10Kamasylvia Small Stoneback Crab (Kamasylvia Small Stoneback Crab)
11Kamasylvia Rough Stoneback Crab (Kamasylvia Rough Stoneback Crab)
12Bush Thicket Beetle (Bush Thicket Beetle)
13Forest Bat (Forest Bat)
14Feather Weasel (Feather Weasel)
15Kamasylvia Mountain Goat (Kamasylvia Mountain Goat)
16Silver Fox (Silver Fox)
17Kamasylvia Female Horn Deer (Kamasylvia Female Horn Deer)
18Kamasylvia Young Horn Deer (Kamasylvia Young Horn Deer)
19Kamasylvia Horn Deer (Kamasylvia Horn Deer)
20Black Sand Small Mole (Black Sand Small Mole)
21Kamasylvia Young Mountain Goat (Kamasylvia Young Mountain Goat)
22Kamasylvia Weasel (Kamasylvia Weasel)
23Lapis Lazuli Tree Spirit (Lapis Lazuli Tree Spirit)
24Lapis Lazuli Spider (Lapis Lazuli Spider)
25Lapis Lazuli Shard Spider (Lapis Lazuli Shard Spider)
26Big Horn Salamander (Big Horn Salamander)
27Red Beak Devourer (Red Beak Devourer)
28Lavender Kuku Bird (Lavender Kuku Bird)
29Lapis Lazuli Scale Iguana (Lapis Lazuli Scale Iguana)
30Water Buffalo (Water Buffalo)
31Poisonous Thorn Tentacle (Poisonous Thorn Tentacle)
32Bush Hermit Crab (Bush Hermit Crab)
33Kamasylvia Small Lizard (Kamasylvia Small Lizard)
34Big Horn Boar (Big Horn Boar)
35Tiny Bee Swarm (Tiny Bee Swarm)
36Silk Shade Flamingo (Silk Shade Flamingo)
37Black Sand Mole (Black Sand Mole)
38Bush Spider (Bush Spider)
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