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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Character
SubType: People of Valencia
Name: Foreigners of Valencia (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 28
Number Name and Details
1Jamey Drucker (Valencia Training Merchant)
2Wacky Toshi (Wacky Subject)
3Zobadi (Valencia City Gangster)
4Bert (Hystria Ruins General Vendor)
5Lonely Palieva (Aakman Temple General Vendor)
6Veri (Valencia Grave Robber)
7Kennian (Valencia Grave Robber)
8Afuaru (Valencia Grave Robber)
9Gahaz Tuval (Gahaz Bandits Boss)
10Desalam (Archaeologist from the Scarlet Sand Chamber)
11Diofalan (Ancado Inner Harbor Storage Keeper)
12Samuhan (Ancado Inner Harbor Blacksmith)
13Ceras (Ancado Inner Harbor Material Vendor)
14Talia (Ancado Inner Harbor General Goods Vendor)
15Sander (Ancado Inner Harbor Fisher)
16Kodad (Ancado Inner Harbor Work Manager)
17Lohan Tuval (Bastard of Gahaz Bandits Boss)
18Martha Kiyen (Capotia Node Manager)
19Atosa (Aakman Node Manager)
20Grizza (Shakatu Villager)
21Arenda (Shakatu Material Vendor)
22Danio (Valencia Wharf Manager)
23Geniefa (Valencia General Goods Vendor)
24Tatar (Valencia Lake Keeper)
25Zahad (Valencia Smuggler)
26Walagala (Valencia Inn Cook)
27Burita Allon (Valencia Trade Manager)
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