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People of Odyllita
Foreigners of Odyllita (1 Energy) (17 knowledge)
1. Mene (O'draxxia Old Moon Manager)
2. Roussea (Famous Hunter)
3. Arethel (Chief of Obsidian Ashes)
4. Debelo (Starry Midnight Port Stable Keeper)
5. Chikuro (Starry Midnight Port Guild Wharf Manager)
6. Arcipia (Confused Human Slave)
7. Luthraghon Elder (Luthraghon Elder)
8. Anmor (Golem Hunter)
9. Blanca Tris (Shadow Arms Dealer)
10. Doslia (Elionian Priestess)
11. Galinie (Brave Woman at Mountain of Division)
12. Tabaleco (Salun's Border Tooth Fairy)
13. Comella (Bahit Sanctum General Goods Vendor)
14. Vigano (Bahit Sanctum Stable Keeper)
15. Ludon (Curious Drieghan Villager)
16. Limitte (O'draxxia Blacksmith)
17. Hiznak (Black Spirit's Training) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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