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Seafood of Calpheon (20 knowledge)
1. Bunch of Kebina Roots
2. Preserved Fish
3. Sunflower Seed Oil
4. Behr Sausage
5. Root Nymph Pickled Fish
6. Tough Plant Root
7. Red Raw Liver
8. Sack of Seulbi Buds
9. Bain Corn Noodles
10. Grilled Kuku Bird Egg
11. Keplan Ginger Tea
12. Gianin Flower Tea
13. Worker's Lunch
14. Cohen Dried Shrimp
15. Dried Cornelian Cherry
16. Big Harpy Egg
17. Leight Ale
18. Fish Sausage
19. Packaged Pig Barbecue
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