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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Life Skill
SubType: Fishing
Name: Sea Fish Species

Knowledges in this Group: 88
Number Name and Details
1Fish at the Swamp (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Jiro)
2Fish at the Demi River (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Holio)
3Fish at the Balenos Coast (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Thulo)
4Stone Moroko (Flower Crucian Carp)
5Amur Ide (Amur Ide)
6Spined Loach (Spined Loach)
7Cherry Icefish (Cherry Icefish)
8Minnow (Minnow)
9Korean Loach (Korean Loach)
10Oily Shiner (Oily Shiner)
11Shuttles Hoppfish (Shuttles Hoppfish)
12Stumpy Bullhead (Stumpy Bullhead)
13Common Minnow (Common Minnow)
14Amur Minnow (Amur Minnow)
15Bubble Eye (Bubble Eye)
16Soho Bitterling (Soho Bitterling)
17Barbel Steed (Barbel Steed)
18Fourfinger Threadfin (Fourfinger Threadfin)
19Blue Tang (Blue Tang)
20Kuhlia Marginata (Kuhlia Marginata)
21Grayling (Grayling)
22Roundtail Paradisefish (Roundtail Paradisefish)
23Rosy Bitterling (Rosy Bitterling)
24Smelt (Smelt)
25Yellowfin Sculpin (Yellowfin Sculpin)
26Bleeker (Bleeker)
27Bitterling (Bitterling)
28Goby Minnow (Goby Minnow)
29Mudfish (Mudfish)
30Notch Jaw (Notch Jaw)
31Perch (Perch)
32Bluegill (Bluegill)
33Dace (Dace)
34Crawfish (Crawfish)
35Bass (Bass)
36Terrapin (Terrapin)
37Catfish (Catfish)
38Crucian Carp (Crucian Carp)
39Sweetfish (Sweetfish)
40Swiri (Swiri)
41Sandeel (Sandeel)
42Dollarfish (Dollarfish)
43Horn Fish (Horn Fish)
44Mackerel Pike (Mackerel Pike)
45Cuttlefish (Cuttlefish)
46Bigeye (Bigeye)
47Rosefish (Rosefish)
48Sandfish (Sandfish)
49Gurnard (Gurnard)
50Pintado (Pintado)
51Tongue Sole (Tongue Sole)
52Clownfish (Clownfish)
53Butterflyfish (Butterflyfish)
54Rock Hind (Rock Hind)
55Greenling (Greenling)
56Croaker (Croaker)
57Blackfin Sweeper (Blackfin Sweeper)
58Surfperch (Surfperch)
59Bluefish (Bluefish)
60Gunnel (Gunnel)
61Striped Catfish (Striped Catfish)
62Dolphinfish (Dolphinfish)
63Whiting (Whiting)
64Silver-Stripe Round Herring (Silver-Stripe Round Herring)
65Round Herring (Round Herring)
66Sardine (Sardine)
67Flatfish (Flatfish)
68Trout (Trout)
69Shellfish (Shellfish)
70Jellyfish (Jellyfish)
71Crab (Crab)
72Mullet (Mullet)
73Scorpion Fish (Scorpion Fish)
74Filefish (Filefish)
75Starfish (Starfish)
76Seahorse (Seahorse)
77Ray (Ray)
78Skipjack (Skipjack)
79Flying Fish (Flying Fish)
80Mackerel (Mackerel)
81Squid (Squid)
82Rockfish (Rockfish)
83Saurel (Saurel)
84Amberjack (Amberjack)
85Salmon (Salmon)
86Flounder (Flounder)
87Beltfish (Beltfish)
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