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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Life Skill
Sea Fish Species (104 knowledge)

1Fish at the Swamp (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Jiro)
2Fish at the Demi River (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Holio)
3Fish at the Balenos Coast (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Thulo)
4Ussurian Bullhead (Ussurian Bullhead)
5Chameleon Goby (Chameleon Goby)
6Sharpbelly (Sharpbelly)
7Pike (Pike)
8Spined Bittering (Spined Bittering)
9Common Bleak (Common Bleak)
10Silver Carp (Silver Carp)
11Dark Sleeper (Dark Sleeper)
12Yalu Grayling (Yalu Grayling)
13Longsnout Catfish (Longsnout Catfish)
14Bowfin (Bowfin)
15Lamprey (Lamprey)
16Dark Chub (Dark Chub)
17Stone Moroko (Flower Crucian Carp)
18Amur Ide (Amur Ide)
19Spined Loach (Spined Loach)
20Cherry Icefish (Cherry Icefish)
21Minnow (Minnow)
22Korean Loach (Korean Loach)
23Oily Shiner (Oily Shiner)
24Shuttles Hoppfish (Shuttles Hoppfish)
25Stumpy Bullhead (Stumpy Bullhead)
26Common Minnow (Common Minnow)
27Amur Minnow (Amur Minnow)
28Bubble Eye (Bubble Eye)
29Soho Bitterling (Soho Bitterling)
30Barbel Steed (Barbel Steed)
31Fourfinger Threadfin (Fourfinger Threadfin)
32Kuhlia Marginata (Kuhlia Marginata)
33Grayling (Grayling)
34Roundtail Paradisefish (Roundtail Paradisefish)
35Rosy Bitterling (Rosy Bitterling)
36Smelt (Smelt)
37Yellowfin Sculpin (Yellowfin Sculpin)
38Bleeker (Bleeker)
39Bitterling (Bitterling)
40Goby Minnow (Goby Minnow)
41Mudfish (Mudfish)
42Notch Jaw (Notch Jaw)
43Perch (Perch)
44Bluegill (Bluegill)
45Dace (Dace)
46Crawfish (Crawfish)
47Bass (Bass)
48Terrapin (Terrapin)
49Catfish (Catfish)
50Crucian Carp (Crucian Carp)
51Sweetfish (Sweetfish)
52Swiri (Swiri)
53Salmon (Salmon)
54Balenos Mullet (Balenos Mullet)
55Stippled Gunnel (Stippled Gunnel)
56Yellowfin Sole (Yellowfin Sole)
57Sandeel (Sandeel)
58Dollarfish (Dollarfish)
59Horn Fish (Horn Fish)
60Mackerel Pike (Mackerel Pike)
61Cuttlefish (Cuttlefish)
62Bigeye (Bigeye)
63Rosefish (Rosefish)
64Blue Tang (Blue Tang)
65Sandfish (Sandfish)
66Gurnard (Gurnard)
67Pintado (Pintado)
68Tongue Sole (Tongue Sole)
69Clownfish (Clownfish)
70Butterflyfish (Butterflyfish)
71Rock Hind (Rock Hind)
72Greenling (Greenling)
73Croaker (Croaker)
74Blackfin Sweeper (Blackfin Sweeper)
75Surfperch (Surfperch)
76Bluefish (Bluefish)
77Gunnel (Gunnel)
78Striped Catfish (Striped Catfish)
79Dolphinfish (Dolphinfish)
80Whiting (Whiting)
81Silver-Stripe Round Herring (Silver-Stripe Round Herring)
82Round Herring (Round Herring)
83Sardine (Sardine)
84Flatfish (Flatfish)
85Trout (Trout)
86Shellfish (Shellfish)
87Jellyfish (Jellyfish)
88Crab (Crab)
89Mullet (Mullet)
90Scorpion Fish (Scorpion Fish)
91Filefish (Filefish)
92Starfish (Starfish)
93Seahorse (Seahorse)
94Ray (Ray)
95Skipjack (Skipjack)
96Flying Fish (Flying Fish)
97Mackerel (Mackerel)
98Squid (Squid)
99Rockfish (Rockfish)
100Saurel (Saurel)
101Amberjack (Amberjack)
102Flounder (Flounder)
103Beltfish (Beltfish)
104Mudskipper (Mudskipper)

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