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Type: Character
SubType: People of Valencia
Name: Farm Folks of Valencia (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 12
1. Sateeshi (Fohalam Farm Worker)
2. Kadier (Altas Farmland Worker)
3. Aktor (Valencia Plantation Worker)
4. Dalib (Shakatu Farmland Worker)
5. Digh (Erdal Farm Worker)
6. Feo (Bazaar Farmland Worker)
7. Abol Fohalam (Fohalam Farm Manager)
8. Momo (Valencia Plantation Manager)
9. Nauleh (Erdal Farm Manager)
10. Altas (Altas Farmland Manager)
11. Tiulka (Shakatu Farmland Manager)
12. Namoki (Bazaar Farmland Manager)

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