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11-26 Imperial Updated.

12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Academics
SubType: Academics
Name: Exploration I (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 26
Number Name and Details
1Ancient Goblin Altar (Altinova Quarry)
2Flat Mushroom-shaped Rock of Mediah (Laodum)
3Mysterious Map Carved on a Rock (Desert Naga Search Captain)
4Dried-up River of Pujiya Canyon (Pilgrims Haven)
5Perilous Game (Gahazs Villa)
6Shipwreck of Al Halam Sea (Ancado Inner Harbor)
7The Dragons Jaw of Al Halam Sea (Node Manager Burio)
8Petroglyph in the Sea (Gahazs Villa)
9Beautiful Sunset (An Attraction South of Arehaza Town)
10Baby Elephant Rock (Altinova Quarry)
11Ladiana Wind valley (Viv Foretta Hamlet)
12Golden Sunset of Grana City (Grana City)
13Elephant Rock in Grana City (Grana City)
14Spring-water of the Crag (The Spring-water of Kisleev Crag)
15Ancient Ruins of the Eltro Sea (Captain Moguly, Splashing Point)
16Al Halam Western Entrance (Shakatu Abandoned Pier)
17Odd Roks under the Sea (Dudoras Villa)
18Severed Land Bridge (Grana City)
19Eight Stepped Waterfall (Waterfall near Forest Ronaros )
20Limestone Cave (Grana City)
21Snake Nest Boulder (Kamasylvia Nature Expedition Quest)
22Seven Giant Streams (Grana City)
23Three-tentacled Octopus Boulder (Kamasylvia Nature Expedition Quest)
24Door to the Skies (Kamasylvia Nature Expedition Quest)
25Fault-line Topography (Topography near Pollys Forest )
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