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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Life Skill
Essence Extraction (12 knowledge)

1Vell's Fine Powder (Coral Piece x30 and Clown's Blood x30, Legendary Beast's Blood x30, Sinner's Blood x30, Tyrant's Blood x30, or Wise Man's Blood x30 and Red Coral x10, Blue Coral x10, Green Coral x10, Gold Coral x10, or White Coral x10 and Shining Powder x2 and Alchemy Stone Shard x1)
2Essence of Tunta (Learn , Fruit of Enchantment x50, Fine Lightweight Plume x50, Refined Delotia Reagent x50, Black Gem Fragment x10, same boss' Latent Aura x2)
3Kagtunak (Red Essence x1, Oil of Fortitude x1, Thuja Sap x5, Powder of Crevice x10)
4Special Honey Jar (Top-Quality Honey x2, Fruit of Abundance x5, Essence of Liquor x1, Purified Water x2)
5Essence of Destruction (Fruit of Destruction x2, Pine Tree Sap x4, Powder of Flame x2, Silver Azalea x3)
6Essence of Perfection (Fruit of Perfection x2, Maple Sap x4, Powder of Flame x2, Sunrise Herb x3)
7Essence of Magic Power (Fruit of Magic Power x2, Birch Sap x4, Powder of Darkness x2, Dry Mane Grass x3)
8Essence of Enchantment (Fruit of Enchantment x2, Ash Tree Sap x4, Powder of Darkness x2, Fire Flake Flower x3)
9Essence of the Sun (Fruit of the Sun X2, Pine Sap X4, Trace of the Earth X2, Arrow Mushroom X3)
10Essence of Nature (Fruit of Nature x2, Maple Sap x4, Trace of the Earth x2, Fortune Teller Mushroom x3)
11Essence of Abundance (Fruit of Abundance x2, Birch Sap x4, Trace of Ascension x2, Cloud Mushroom x3)
12Essence of Crimson Flame (Fruit of Crimson Flame x2, Ash Tree Sap x4, Trace of Ascension x2, Dwarf Mushroom x3)

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