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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Engineering of the Ancients III (22 knowledge)

1A special device designed by Vaha (????)
2Slate that Resembles Desert Sand (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Traces of the desert discovered in Yolu's Spine. Wonder if Vaha left these here?)
3Fish-shaped Ancient Weapon (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There is something resembling a fish scale deep beneath the waters of Yolu's Mane. Could this be traces of a fish-like ancient weapon?)
4Destroyed Lightstone statue (Can be obtained through [Interaction]These are remnants of a broken lightstone statue. The damage doesn't appear to have been caused by a weapon... Is Yolu the culprit? Let's explore Yolu's Teeth.)
5Record in the Buried Kyve (????)
6Transformed Stellagia (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There is something strange about these Stellagia. Did Yolu make them in a manner that was easier for her to control?)
7Energy Felt Near the Tracks (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There is an unknown energy in the vicinity of the curved tracks in Yolu's Pupil.)
8Artifical Waterfall Stream (Can be obtained through [Interaction]On the path to Yolu's Nail, there lies tangled vines and a beautiful waterfall coming together to depict the very harmony of nature.)
9Yolu's Eye (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A structure greeting all who take a step into Yolunakea. Was it made to detect any intruders?)
10Secret of Fresh Water (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Around the border where water gathers in Yolu's Mane, one can spot the source flowing through the rock wall.)
11Stability-improved Kyvelan Track (????)
12Shiny Door (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The door towards Yolu's Teeth is deeply layered upon layers. For what purpose, none are too sure... but one must steel their resolve before heading forward.)
13Toppled Weapon Fragment (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A large rock lies next to the medicine brewer. Its massive size makes one wonder where ever could such a boulder have fallen from?)
14Curved Kyvelan Track (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Curved Kyvelan Tracks of strange design yet to be observed anywhere else. It appears she didn't copy what she learned from Vaha but improved his designs with her own style.)
15Snapped Kyvelan Track (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Maybe it was due to a tree root strong enough to pierce sturdy rock? The Kyvelan Track near the large root appears to have been broken off.)
16Ancient Kyvelan Tracks (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Kyvelan Tracks designed in a linear fashion. Coinciding with those found in Vahmalkea, these appear to be some of her first designs.)
17Structure Leaking Light (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Somehow, a faint light creeps through the crack between two pillars of different heights that hold up the Kyvelan Track between Yolu's Pupil and Nail.)
18Weapon without Power (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A weapon which has lost its function from losing its power source is said to be discarded at Yolu's Pupil.)
19Light Between the Rock Wall (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Unlike other humid areas of Yolunakea, Yolu's Eye is well-lit with sunlight.)
20Lightstone's Side Effects (????)
21Pure Lightstone (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A shining chunk of lightstone found right upon entering Yolu's Tail. Seeing how it's emitting such light on its own, it appears to be of the highest purity.)
22Lightstone on Tree Vine (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Lightstones placed atop pillars can be found all over Yolu's Tail. Were they placed to light up the area?)

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