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10-16 Imperial Alchemy and Cooking Updated!

12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Academics
SubType: Academics
Name: Economy I (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 13
Number Name and Details
1Slum in the City (Can be obtained through [Dialogue]Rubin)
2Alchemist of Calpheon Castle (Melissa Bradys Reading)
3Calpheon Xian Merchant Guild (Calpheon Weapon Workshop)
4Bank of Hope (Supported by Fredelles Herba)
5Stepping Stone to a Higher Class (Vibrant Calpheon Market)
6Can Monsters Be Safely Controlled?? (Severo Loggias Concerns)
7Complacency is a Sin. (Alejandros Complaints)
8Age of Trading (Bahars Advice)
9Currency for Whom? (The Concerns of Northwestern Gateways Romano)
10God of Gold: Merchants Trick (Drifting Among the Heidelians)
11Economy of the Working Classes (Heidel Fruit Display Stand)
12Respectable Business Ethics (For Trading at the Western Camp)
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