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Type: Topography
SubType: Valencia
Name: Eastern Valencia (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 17
1. Hakoven Island (Hakoven Island)
2. Dona Rocky Mountain (Dona Rocky Mountain)
3. Hystria Ruins (Hystria Ruins)
4. Ivero Cliff (Ivero Cliff)
5. Ivory Wasteland (Ivory Wasteland)
6. Roud Sulfur Works (Roud Sulfur Works)
7. Roud Sulfur Mine (Roud Sulfur Mine)
8. Gavinya Coastal Cliff (Gavinya Coastal Cliff)
9. Gavinya Great Crator (Gavinya Great Crator)
10. Gavinya Volcano Zone (Gavinya Volcano Zone)
11. Northern Sand Dune (Northern Sand Dune)
12. Pila Ku Jail (Pila Ku Jail)
13. Cantusa Desert (Cantusa Desert)
14. Central Cantusa (Central Cantusa)
15. Muiquun (Muiquun)
16. Arehaza Town (Arehaza Town)
17. Areha Palm Forest (Areha Palm Forest)

Wolves convinced the Sheep they would be better off without the guard Dogs which they dismissed. Should not have done that; the Sheep are now eaten.

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