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Type: Topography
SubType: Balenos
Name: Eastern Balenos (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 32
1. Hidden Coastal Cliff Cave (Hidden Coastal Cliff Cave)
2. Western Gateway (Western Gateway)
3. Iliya Island (Iliya Island)
4. Balenos Mountains (Balenos Mountains)
5. Balenos River (Balenos River)
6. Balenos Bay (Balenos Bay)
7. Heidel Pass (Heidel Pass)
8. Cron Castle (Cron Castle)
9. Piazza Farm Ruins (Piazza Farm Ruins)
10. Goblin Cave (Goblin Cave)
11. DelLucci Farm (DelLucci Farm)
12. Marino Farm Warehouse (Marino Farm Warehouse)
13. Marino Farm (Marino Farm)
14. Ancient Stone Chamber (Ancient Stone Chamber)
15. Toscani Farm (Toscani Farm)
16. Coastal Cave (Coastal Cave)
17. Altar of Agris (Altar of Agris)
18. Imp Cave (Imp Cave)
19. Loggia Farm (Loggia Farm)
20. Velia Charnel House (Velia Charnel House)
21. Bartali Farm (Bartali Farm)
22. Finto Farm (Finto Farm)
23. Cron Castle Site (Cron Castle Site)
24. Ehwaz Hill (Ehwaz Hill)
25. Forest of Plunder (Forest of Plunder)
26. Balenos Forest (Balenos Forest)
27. Fleme Hills (Fleme Hills)
28. Forest of Seclusion (Forest of Seclusion)
29. Western Guard Camp (Western Guard Camp)
30. Coastal Cliff (Coastal Cliff)
31. Agris Steppe (Agris Steppe)
32. Velia (Velia)

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