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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Valencia
Name: Creatures of Valencia (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 26
1. Gorgo Cobra (Gorgo Cobra)
2. Desert Scorpion (Desert Scorpion)
3. Sand Spirit (Sand Spirit)
4. Laytenn (Laytenn)
5. Margos (Margos)
6. Miker Newt (Miker Newt)
7. Coco Bird (Coco Bird)
8. Kelop (Kelop)
9. Toxic Desert Scorpion (Toxic Desert Scorpion)
10. Baby Valencian Lion (Baby Valencian Lion)
11. Valencian Lioness (Valencian Lioness)
12. Rocky Bat (Rocky Bat)
13. Hobo Bat (Hobo Bat)
14. Kisleev Harpy Mage (Kisleev Harpy Mage)
15. Kisleev Harpy (Kisleev Harpy)
16. Tombback Crab (Tombback Crab)
17. Desert Kuku Bird (Desert Kuku Bird)
18. Desert Iguana (Desert Iguana)
19. Dryroot Camel (Dryroot Camel)
20. Desert Fox (Desert Fox)
21. Valencia Mountain Goat (Valencia Mountain Goat)
22. Sandceratops (Sandceratops)
23. Valencia Female Elephant (Valencia Female Elephant)
24. Giant Desert Scorpion (Giant Desert Scorpion)
25. Valencian Lion (Valencian Lion)
26. Stone Mountain Turtle Dragon (Stone Mountain Iguana)

The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.

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