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Ecology of Mediah
Creatures of Mediah (4 Energy) (28 knowledge)
1. Mediah Stoneback Crab Egg (Mediah Stoneback Crab Egg)
2. Stone Hole Spider Den (Stone Hole Spider Den)
3. Stone Hole Spider House (Stone Hole Spider House)
4. Mediah Young Mountain Goat (Mediah Young Mountain Goat)
5. Stonetail Bison (Stonetail Bison)
6. Baby Stone Rhino (Baby Stone Rhino)
7. Beetle Stoneback Crab (Beetle Stoneback Crab)
8. High Head Stoneback Crab (High Head Stoneback Crab)
9. Mediah Goat (Mediah Goat)
10. Elte (Elte)
11. Armadillo (Armadillo)
12. Wasteland Iguana (Wasteland Iguana)
13. Desert Crab (Desert Crab)
14. Blue Desert Crab (Blue Desert Crab)
15. Rock Desert Crab (Rock Desert Crab)
16. Vera Desert Crab (Vera Desert Crab)
17. Small Stone Head Bison (Small Stone Head Bison)
18. Stone Head Bison (Stone Head Bison)
19. Wasteland Cheetah Dragon (Wasteland Cheetah Dragon)
20. Grass Hedgehog (Grass Hedgehog)
21. Rock Spider (Rock Spider)
22. Stone Rhino (Stone Rhino)
23. Rock Head Bison (Rock Head Bison)
24. Mature Rock Spirit (Mature Rock Spirit)
25. Stone Hole Worm (Stone Hole Worm)
26. Stone Crab (Stone Crab)
27. Tiny Stone Hole Spider (Tiny Stone Hole Spider)
28. Stone Hole Spider (Stone Hole Spider) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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