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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Mediah
Name: Creatures of Mediah (4 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 28
Number Name and Details
1Mediah Stoneback Crab Egg (Mediah Stoneback Crab Egg)
2Stone Hole Spider Den (Stone Hole Spider Den)
3Stone Hole Spider House (Stone Hole Spider House)
4Mediah Young Mountain Goat (Mediah Young Mountain Goat)
5Stonetail Bison (Stonetail Bison)
6Baby Stone Rhino (Baby Stone Rhino)
7Beetle Stoneback Crab (Beetle Stoneback Crab)
8High Head Stoneback Crab (High Head Stoneback Crab)
9Mediah Goat (Mediah Goat)
10Elte (Elte)
11Armadillo (Armadillo)
12Wasteland Iguana (Wasteland Iguana)
13Desert Crab (Desert Crab)
14Blue Desert Crab (Blue Desert Crab)
15Rock Desert Crab (Rock Desert Crab)
16Vera Desert Crab (Vera Desert Crab)
17Small Stone Head Bison (Small Stone Head Bison)
18Stone Head Bison (Stone Head Bison)
19Wasteland Cheetah Dragon (Wasteland Cheetah Dragon)
20Grass Hedgehog (Grass Hedgehog)
21Rock Spider (Rock Spider)
22Stone Rhino (Stone Rhino)
23Rock Head Bison (Rock Head Bison)
24Mature Rock Spirit (Mature Rock Spirit)
25Stone Hole Worm (Stone Hole Worm)
26Stone Crab (Stone Crab)
27Tiny Stone Hole Spider (Tiny Stone Hole Spider)
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