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Ecology of Calpheon
Creatures of Calpheon (3 Energy) (18 knowledge)
1. Root Nymph Rest Area (Root Nymph Rest Area)
2. Ruins Monster (Ruins Monster)
3. Crow (Crow)
4. Cave Flytrap Worm (Cave Flytrap Worm)
5. Big Glutoni (Big Glutoni)
6. Young Glutoni (Young Glutoni)
7. Mutant Glutoni (Mutant Glutoni)
8. Medium-sized Glutoni (Medium-sized Glutoni)
9. Stoneback Crab Egg (Stoneback Crab Egg)
10. Faust Forest Tiny Stoneback Crab (Faust Forest Tiny Stoneback Crab)
11. Faust Forest Tough Stoneback Crab (Faust Forest Tough Stoneback Crab)
12. Earth Root Nymph (Earth Root Nymph)
13. Fire Root Nymph (Fire Root Nymph)
14. Grass Root Nymph (Grass Root Nymph)
15. Rough Stoneback Crab (Rough Stoneback Crab)
16. Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab (Faust Forest Herb Stoneback Crab)
17. Faust Forest Scrub Stoneback Crab (Faust Forest Scrub Stoneback Crab)
18. Baby Gargoyle (Baby Gargoyle) Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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