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Type: Character
SubType: People of Calpheon
Name: Citizens of Calpheon (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 18
1. Lizle Carta (Calpheon Luxury Merchant)
2. Psebor (Combat Skill Expert)
3. Ario (Dock Fish Vendor)
4. Angela (Workshop District Timber Manager)
5. Maryan Pero (Banquet Hall Connoisseur)
6. Dimanthor (Calpheon Stable Keeper)
7. Wolfgang (Calpheon Trader)
8. Ashrogue (Calpheon Stable Keeper)
9. Danielle Stimi (Slum Protest Leader)
10. Luolo Grebe (Slum Gang Boss)
11. Lindsiyana Herba (Calpheon Trader)
12. Basquean Ljurik (Bank of Calpheon President)
13. Brandio (Calpheon Mushroom Master)
14. Harden (Calpheon Trader)
15. Fredelles Herba (Calpheon Innkeeper)
16. St. Pejon (Fake Priest)
17. Martha Kiyen (Archaeologist)
18. Clarkster (Calpheon Hunter)

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