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Type: Character
SubType: People of Calpheon
Name: Calpheon City Merchant (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 21
1. Merv (Calpheon Tailor)
2. Fresio (Pigeon Daddy of Elders Plaza)
3. Basillan (Idle Man in Elders Plaza)
4. Philiberto LiPonti (Calpheon Bedside Table Merchant)
5. Giovanni Romano (Calpheon Insensate Carpet Merchant)
6. Clara Siciliano (Proud Calpheon Bookseller)
7. Annabella Belucci (Calpheon Candlestick Vendor)
8. Ausonio Trevisan (Calpheon Landscape Painting Merchant)
9. Alfredo Lombardi (Calpheon Basket Merchant)
10. Dobart (Calpheon Arms Dealer)
11. Kanobas (Calpheon Armor Vendor)
12. Gabril (Calpheon Stable Keeper)
13. Lylina (Calpheon Furniture Dealer)
14. Breesman (Calpheon Stable Keeper)
15. Romary (Calpheon Stable Keeper)
16. Lilvayne (Calpheon Worker Manager)
17. Bianstimi (Calpheon Jeweler)
18. Geranoa (Calpheon Material Vendor)
19. Alchem (Calpheon General Goods Vendor)
20. Grandus (Calpheon Armor Vendor)
21. Ronatz (Calpheon Arms Dealer)

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