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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Drieghan
Name: Beasts Drieghan (2 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 16
1. Horned Rock Lizard (Horned Rock Lizard)
2. Spiked Rock Lizard. (Stone Prickle Lizard)
3. Plateau Stoneback Crab (Stoneback Crab)
4. Gray Highland Wolf (Gray Highland Wolf)
5. Guanaco (Guanaco)
6. Drieghan Female Goat (Drieghan Female Goat)
7. Drieghan Male Goat (Drieghan Male Goat)
8. Sharp Stoneback Crab (Sharp Stoneback Crab)
9. Stone Cobra (Stone Cobra)
10. Rock Scorpion (Rock Scorpion)
11. Marmot (Marmot)
12. Rockroot Armadillo (Rockroot Armadillo)
13. Rockskin Boar (Rockskin Boar)
14. Yak (Yak)
15. Explosive Stone (Explosive Stone)
16. Llama (Llama)

The strong survive and the weak perish

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