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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Serendia
Name: Beasts (Serendia) (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 19
1. Serendia Elk (Serendia Elk)
2. Serendia Wolf (Serendia Wolf)
3. Serendia Bear (Serendia Bear)
4. Big Horn Triangle Head Salamander (Big Horn Triangle Head Salamander)
5. Fan Flamingo Nest (Fan Flamingo Nest)
6. Swamp Hermit Crab (Swamp Hermit Crab)
7. Grassback Crab (Grassback Crab)
8. Kuku Bird Nest (Kuku Bird Nest)
9. Sheep (Sheep)
10. Rainbow Lizard (Rainbow Lizard)
11. Lamb (Lamb)
12. Mountain Goat (Mountain Goat)
13. Scary Salamander (Scary Salamander)
14. Serendia Mountain Goat (Serendia Mountain Goat)
15. Small Salamander (Small Salamander)
16. Fan Flamingo (Fan Flamingo)
17. Triangle Head Lizard (Triangle Head Lizard)
18. Kuku Bird (Kuku Bird)
19. Moss Stoneback Crab (Moss Stoneback Crab)

The wind will not break the tree that bends.

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