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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Calpheon
Name: Beasts (Calpheon) (5 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 39
1. Ambushing Stone Spider (Ambushing Stone Spider)
2. Mutant Gargoyle (Mutant Gargoyle)
3. Brown Bear (Brown Bear)
4. Sharp Rock Spider (Sharp Rock Spider)
5. Mature Stone Rat (Mature Stone Rat)
6. Spotted Deer (Spotted Deer)
7. Female Elk (Female Elk)
8. Young Elk (Young Elk)
9. Elk (Elk)
10. Baby Waragon (Baby Waragon)
11. Waragon (Waragon)
12. Farm Boar (Farm Boar)
13. Locusts Swarm (Locusts Swarm)
14. Plantation Big Mole (Plantation Big Mole)
15. Plantation Small Mole (Plantation Small Mole)
16. Bat (Bat)
17. Young Stone Rat (Young Stone Rat)
18. Young Mountain Goat (Young Mountain Goat)
19. Brown Raccoon (Brown Raccoon)
20. Blue Lizard (Blue Lizard)
21. Calpheon Beetle (Calpheon Beetle)
22. Young Red Boar (Young Red Boar)
23. Calpheon Worm (Calpheon Worm)
24. Rhino Lizard (Rhino Lizard)
25. Stone Rat (Stone Rat)
26. Red Boar (Red Boar)
27. Iguana (Iguana)
28. Stone Crab (Stone Crab)
29. Big House-Parasitic Bee (Big House-Parasitic Bee)
30. Rainbow Fox (Rainbow Fox)
31. Stonescale Devourer (Stonescale Devourer)
32. Spotted Hyena (Spotted Hyena)
33. Red Boars Den (Red Boars Den)
34. Red Bear (Red Bear)
35. Ferocious Weasel (Ferocious Weasel)
36. Long-haired Water Buffalo (Long-haired Water Buffalo)
37. Explosive Waragon (Explosive Waragon)
38. Waragon Egg (Waragon Egg)
39. Kuku Hatchling (Kuku Hatchling)

Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.

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