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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Calpheon
Name: Beasts (Calpheon) (5 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 39
Number Name and Details
1Ambushing Stone Spider (Ambushing Stone Spider)
2Mutant Gargoyle (Mutant Gargoyle)
3Brown Bear (Brown Bear)
4Sharp Rock Spider (Sharp Rock Spider)
5Mature Stone Rat (Mature Stone Rat)
6Spotted Deer (Spotted Deer)
7Female Elk (Female Elk)
8Young Elk (Young Elk)
9Elk (Elk)
10Baby Waragon (Baby Waragon)
11Waragon (Waragon)
12Farm Boar (Farm Boar)
13Locusts Swarm (Locusts Swarm)
14Plantation Big Mole (Plantation Big Mole)
15Plantation Small Mole (Plantation Small Mole)
16Bat (Bat)
17Young Stone Rat (Young Stone Rat)
18Young Mountain Goat (Young Mountain Goat)
19Brown Raccoon (Brown Raccoon)
20Blue Lizard (Blue Lizard)
21Calpheon Beetle (Calpheon Beetle)
22Young Red Boar (Young Red Boar)
23Calpheon Worm (Calpheon Worm)
24Rhino Lizard (Rhino Lizard)
25Stone Rat (Stone Rat)
26Red Boar (Red Boar)
27Iguana (Iguana)
28Stone Crab (Stone Crab)
29Big House-Parasitic Bee (Big House-Parasitic Bee)
30Rainbow Fox (Rainbow Fox)
31Stonescale Devourer (Stonescale Devourer)
32Spotted Hyena (Spotted Hyena)
33Red Boars Den (Red Boars Den)
34Red Bear (Red Bear)
35Ferocious Weasel (Ferocious Weasel)
36Long-haired Water Buffalo (Long-haired Water Buffalo)
37Explosive Waragon (Explosive Waragon)
38Waragon Egg (Waragon Egg)
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