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12-20-18 Updated.

Type: Learning the ropes of Black Desert
SubType: Learning the ropes of Black Desert
Name: Basic Guide

Knowledges in this Group: 45
Number Name and Details
1Eiorah (Duvencrune Black Desert Global Lab Vendor)
2Eiorah (Grana Black Desert Global Lab Vendor)
3Eiorah (Valencia Black Desert Global Lab Vendor)
4Eiorah (Altinova Black Desert Global Lab Vendor)
5Eiorah (Calpheon Black Desert Global Lab Vendor)
6Eiorah (Heidel Black Desert Global Lab Vendor)
7Eiorah (Velia Black Desert Global Lab Vendor)
8Girgo Viano (Duvencrune PC Cafe Vendor)
9Patrigio (Duvencrune Night Merchant)
10Ernia (Grana Imperial Auction House Manager)
11Ahina (Valencia Imperial Auction House Manager)
12Den Shamyr (Altinova Imperial Auction House Manager)
13Charlotte Penwood (Heidel Imperial Auction House Manager)
14Garcia (Velia Imperial Auction House Manager)
15Patrigio (Valencia Night Merchant)
16Patrigio (Kamasylvia Night Merchant)
18Patrigio (Altinova Night Merchant)
19Patrigio (Calpheon Night Merchant)
20Patrigio (Heidel Night Merchant)
21Girgo Viano (Ibellab Oasis Premium Merchant)
22Girgo Viano (Shakatu's Territory Premium Merchant)
23Girgo Viano (Sand Grain Bazaar Premium Merchant)
24Girgo Viano (Rock Post Premium Merchant)
25Girgo Viano (Kusha Premium Merchant)
26Girgo Viano (Tarif Premium Merchant)
27Girgo Viano (Keplan Premium Merchant)
28Girgo Viano (Trent Premium Merchant)
29Patrigio (Velia Night Merchant)
30Girgo Viano (Old Wisdom Tree Premium Merchant)
31Girgo Viano (Lemoria Guard Premium Merchant)
32Girgo Viano (Muiquun Premium Merchant)
33Girgo Viano (Arehaza Premium Merchant)
34Girgo Viano (Glish Premium Merchant)
35Girgo Viano (Western Guard Camp Premium Merchant)
36Girgo Viano (Olvia Premium Merchant)
37Girgo Viano (Behr Premium Merchant)
38Girgo Viano (Northern Wheat Plantation Premium Merchant)
39Girgo Viano (Port Epheria Premium Merchant)
40Girgo Viano (Florin Premium Merchant)
41Girgo Viano (Valencia PC cafe Merchant)
42Girgo Viano (Altinova Premium Merchant)
43Girgo Viano (Calpheon Premium Merchant)
44Girgo Viano (Heidel Premium Merchant)
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