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Knowledge checklist tracker for Black Desert Online - BDO

Architecture of the Ancients III (24 knowledge)

1Uniquely Styled Stairway (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The stairs in Syca's Scale seem different and have a unique pattern compared to the ones in Vahmalkea.)
2Difference in Construction Method (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The stairs in Syca's Scale appear much more complex than the ones in Vahmalkea.)
3The Missing Statue (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There used to be a statue on a spot that looks over Sycrakea, high above Syca's Scale.)
4Sycrakea's Water Supply Source (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Let's take a look at the waterfall by the entrance of Sycrakea.)
5Cause of the Destruction of the Cave Wall (Can be obtained through [Interaction]They say there's a chest of precious stones found at Syca's Query. Why have the walls around it collapsed?)
6The Daily Life of the Dehkimas (Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Sycrakea Main Quest]You can find out how Lafi, weary of unraveling threads, actually feels.)
7Light from the Ancient Stones (????)
8Stone of Gentle Light (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Look for the ancient stone engraved with characters giving off a gentle light right before you leave Sycrakea.)
9Collapsed Pillar (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There are traces of collapsed ancient stones on the other side of Syca's Scale, Exchange. Let's examine carefully between the pieces of stones.)
10Patterns of Ripples (????)
11Dazzling Triangular Slate (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Yolu's promise engraved in the special device designed by Vaha. It bears her resolve to save the future with the other 3 Dehkimas.)
12Brick Sticking Out (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A single pillar supporting the linear Kyvelan Track heading towards the obnoxiously large structure in the center of Yolunakea appears quite dangerous in its cracked and corroded state.)
13Broken Building (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A fractured structure leans against the rock wall, collapsed, in a section of Yolu's Mane. It appears a large blunt object or weapon may have caused such damage.)
14Huge Rock Wall Fragment (Can be obtained through [Interaction]There's fragmented rocks against the rock wall in a section of Yolu's Teeth.)
15Rotting Vines (Can be obtained through [Interaction]Ascending to this place makes it obvious that a dimming spark of life also remains in Yolunakea. Let's climb up the protruding rock structures beneath the Kyvelan Tracks of Yolu's Pupil.)
16Old Tree Supporting a Huge Structure (Can be obtained through [Interaction]An old tree supports a large structure with unimaginable strength.)
17Root from the Sky (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The wall in the area with the special device designed by Vaha is covered in vines. Upon a closer look, it becomes apparent that these aren't vines but roots of tree which descends from the skies.)
18Structure Built with Yearning (????)
19Slate of the Sun (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A slate with a sun drawn upon it lies beneath the special device designed by Vaha. Yolu made it to express her thankful heart towards Vaha.)
20Arch Tree Vine Door (Can be obtained through [Interaction]At the entrance of Yolu's Mane, an arch-shaped gate of tree roots await all visitors.)
21Where the Moonlight Was (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A space made by Yolu to enjoy in solitude. Moonlight shines in easily, leading one speculate that could this be where Yolu wrote a love letter for someone special?)
22Collapsed Stone Pillar (Can be obtained through [Interaction]The stone pillar may have collapsed due to the old tree roots... Even the sturdiest structure falls to nature's might.)
23Secret-ish Shortcut (Can be obtained through [Interaction]A shortcut connecting the divided halves of Yolu's Nail. Appears artificial and not naturally made. For what reason though..?)
24Door Tangled in Roots (Can be obtained through [Interaction]At the end of Yolu's Tail which is connected to Yolu's Nail, there lies tree roots tangled in a complicated mess.)

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