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Type: Ecology
SubType: Ecology of Mediah
Name: Abandoned Iron Mine (3 Energy)

Knowledges in this Group: 21
1. Tacky Wood Doll (Tacky Wood Doll)
2. Crude Watchtower (Crude Watchtower)
3. Lightning Trumpeter (Lightning Trumpeter)
4. Thunder Drummer (Thunder Drummer)
5. Equipment Holder (Equipment Holder)
6. Imp Work Supervisor (Imp Work Supervisor)
7. Khuruto Chaser (Khuruto Chaser)
8. Khuruto Guard (Khuruto Guard)
9. Khuruto Sheriff (Khuruto Sheriff)
10. Khuruto Executor (Khuruto Executor)
11. Saunil Sheriff (Saunil Sheriff)
12. Tacky Stone Wagon (Tacky Stone Wagon)
13. Tacky Surveillance Dugout (Tacky Surveillance Dugout)
14. Tacky Fire Cannon (Tacky Fire Cannon)
15. Troll Work Supervisor (Troll Work Supervisor)
16. Rhutum Chief Priest (Rhutum Chief Priest)
17. Saunil Guard (Saunil Guard)
18. Red Orc Sentinel (Red Orc Sentinel)
19. Red Orc Guard (Red Orc Guard)
20. Rhutum Sheriff (Rhutum Sheriff)
21. Rhutum Guard (Rhutum Guard)

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