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Ranked Processing life skill xp exp experience in Black Desert Online - BDO

All   Chopping   Drying   Grinding   Heating   Shaking   Filtering

Name XP↕️
Blood RubyBlood Rubyshaking.pngResplendent Ruby7 Resplendent RubyGem Polisher3 Gem Polisher2000
Forest EmeraldForest Emeraldshaking.pngResplendent Emerald7 Resplendent EmeraldGem Polisher3 Gem Polisher2000
Gold TopazGold Topazshaking.pngResplendent Topaz7 Resplendent TopazGem Polisher3 Gem Polisher2000
Indigo Lapis LazuliIndigo Lapis Lazulishaking.pngResplendent Lapis Lazuli7 Resplendent Lapis LazuliGem Polisher3 Gem Polisher2000
Ocean SapphireOcean Sapphireshaking.pngResplendent Sapphire7 Resplendent SapphireGem Polisher3 Gem Polisher2000
Star DiamondStar Diamondshaking.pngResplendent Diamond7 Resplendent DiamondGem Polisher3 Gem Polisher2000
Supreme Tough HideSupreme Tough Hideshaking.pngFine Tough Hide3 Fine Tough HideLeather Glaze5 Leather Glaze1000
Supreme Thin HideSupreme Thin Hideshaking.pngFine Thin Hide3 Fine Thin HideLeather Glaze5 Leather Glaze1000
Supreme Thick FurSupreme Thick Furshaking.pngFine Thick Fur3 Fine Thick FurLeather Glaze5 Leather Glaze1000
Supreme Soft HideSupreme Soft Hideshaking.pngFine Soft Hide3 Fine Soft HideLeather Glaze5 Leather Glaze1000
Supreme Hard HideSupreme Hard Hideshaking.pngFine Hard Hide3 Fine Hard HideLeather Glaze5 Leather Glaze1000
Supreme Fancy Reptile SkinSupreme Fancy Reptile Skinshaking.pngFine Fancy Reptile Skin3 Fine Fancy Reptile SkinLeather Glaze5 Leather Glaze1000
Supreme Fancy FeatherSupreme Fancy Feathershaking.pngFine Fancy Feather3 Fine Fancy FeatherLeather Glaze5 Leather Glaze1000
Organic FertilizerOrganic Fertilizershaking.pngByproduct Fertilizer1 Byproduct FertilizerBottle of River Water3 Bottle of River Water800
Byproduct FertilizerByproduct Fertilizershaking.pngInorganic Fertilizer3 Inorganic FertilizerLeavening Agent2 Leavening Agent500
Potato DoughPotato Doughshaking.pngPotato Flour1 Potato FlourMineral Water1 Mineral Water150
Barley DoughBarley Doughshaking.pngBarley Flour1 Barley FlourMineral Water1 Mineral Water150
Freekeh Flour DoughFreekeh Flour Doughshaking.pngFreekeh Flour1 Freekeh FlourMineral Water1 Mineral Water150
CreamCreamshaking.pngMilk1 MilkSugar1 Sugar150
Corn DoughCorn Doughshaking.pngCorn Flour1 Corn FlourMineral Water1 Mineral Water150
ButterButtershaking.pngCream1 CreamSalt1 Salt150
Sweet Potato DoughSweet Potato Doughshaking.pngSweet Potato Flour1 Sweet Potato FlourMineral Water1 Mineral Water150
Teff Flour DoughTeff Flour Doughshaking.pngTeff Flour1 Teff FlourMineral Water1 Mineral Water150

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