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Ranked Processing life skill xp exp experience in Black Desert Online - BDO

All   Chopping   Drying   Grinding   Heating   Shaking   Filtering

Name XP↕️
Pure Gold CrystalPure Gold Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent1 Metal SolventGold Ingot3 Gold Ingot1500
Sturdy Timber SquareSturdy Timber Squareheating.pngStandardized Timber Square10 Standardized Timber SquarePlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1500
Moonlight OpalMoonlight Opalheating.pngBrilliant Opal3 Brilliant OpalMetal Solvent1 Metal Solvent1500
Pure Mythril CrystalPure Mythril Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent1 Metal SolventMythril Ingot3 Mythril Ingot1500
Pure Platinum CrystalPure Platinum Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent1 Metal SolventPlatinum Ingot3 Platinum Ingot1500
Pure Silver CrystalPure Silver Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent1 Metal SolventSilver Ingot3 Silver Ingot1500
Pure Noc CrystalPure Noc Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventNoc Ingot3 Noc Ingot1000
Sturdy Ash PlywoodSturdy Ash Plywoodheating.pngAsh Plywood10 Ash PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Sturdy Acacia PlywoodSturdy Acacia Plywoodheating.pngAcacia Plywood10 Acacia PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Resplendent TopazResplendent Topazheating.pngTopaz5 Topaz1000
Red CoralRed Coralheating.pngCoral Piece10 Coral PieceRuby1 Ruby1000
Pure Zinc CrystalPure Zinc Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventZinc Ingot3 Zinc Ingot1000
Pure Vanadium CrystalPure Vanadium Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventVanadium Ingot3 Vanadium Ingot1000
Pure Titanium CrystalPure Titanium Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventTitanium Ingot3 Titanium Ingot1000
Pure Tin CrystalPure Tin Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventTin Ingot3 Tin Ingot1000
Jade Coral IngotJade Coral Ingotheating.pngMelted Titanium Shard25 Melted Titanium ShardANY Coral5 ANY Coral1000
Pure Lead CrystalPure Lead Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventLead Ingot3 Lead Ingot1000
Pure Iron CrystalPure Iron Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventIron Ingot3 Iron Ingot1000
Pure Copper CrystalPure Copper Crystalheating.pngMetal Solvent2 Metal SolventCopper Ingot3 Copper Ingot1000
Pine Coated PlywoodPine Coated Plywoodheating.pngPine Plywood5 Pine PlywoodCoconut50 Coconut1000
Prairie Green CoralPrairie Green Coralheating.pngGreen Coral3 Green CoralResplendent Emerald1 Resplendent Emerald1000
Sturdy Loopy Tree PlywoodSturdy Loopy Tree Plywoodheating.pngLoopy Tree Plywood10 Loopy Tree PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Blue CoralBlue Coralheating.pngCoral Piece10 Coral PieceRough Sapphire5 Rough Sapphire1000
White CoralWhite Coralheating.pngCoral Piece10 Coral PieceDiamond1 Diamond1000
TopazTopazheating.pngRough Topaz5 Rough Topaz1000
Breezy White CoralBreezy White Coralheating.pngWhite Coral3 White CoralResplendent Diamond1 Resplendent Diamond1000
Sturdy White Cedar PlywoodSturdy White Cedar Plywoodheating.pngWhite Cedar Plywood10 White Cedar PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Sturdy Pine PlywoodSturdy Pine Plywoodheating.pngPine Plywood10 Pine PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Sturdy Palm PlywoodSturdy Palm Plywoodheating.pngPalm Plywood10 Palm PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Sturdy Moss Tree PlywoodSturdy Moss Tree Plywoodheating.pngMoss Tree Plywood10 Moss Tree PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Sturdy Maple PlywoodSturdy Maple Plywoodheating.pngMaple Plywood10 Maple PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Daybreak Blue CoralDaybreak Blue Coralheating.pngBlue Coral3 Blue CoralResplendent Sapphire1 Resplendent Sapphire1000
Sturdy Fir PlywoodSturdy Fir Plywoodheating.pngFir Plywood10 Fir PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Sturdy Elder Tree PlywoodSturdy Elder Tree Plywoodheating.pngElder Tree Plywood10 Elder Tree PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Golden CoralGolden Coralheating.pngCoral Piece10 Coral PieceTopaz1 Topaz1000
Golden Sun CoralGolden Sun Coralheating.pngGolden Coral3 Golden CoralResplendent Topaz1 Resplendent Topaz1000
Green CoralGreen Coralheating.pngCoral Piece10 Coral PieceEmerald1 Emerald1000
Sturdy Cedar PlywoodSturdy Cedar Plywoodheating.pngCedar Plywood10 Cedar PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Hard PillarHard Pillarheating.pngLog10 LogPlywood Hardener10 Plywood Hardener1000
Sturdy Birch PlywoodSturdy Birch Plywoodheating.pngBirch Plywood10 Birch PlywoodPlywood Hardener3 Plywood Hardener1000
Platinum IngotPlatinum Ingotheating.pngMelted Platinum Shard10 Melted Platinum Shard800
Silver IngotSilver Ingotheating.pngMelted Silver Shard10 Melted Silver Shard800
SteelSteelheating.pngMelted Iron Shard5 Melted Iron ShardCoal5 Coal800
Mythril IngotMythril Ingotheating.pngMelted Mythril Shard10 Melted Mythril Shard800
Brass IngotBrass Ingotheating.pngMelted Copper Shard5 Melted Copper ShardMelted Zinc Shard5 Melted Zinc Shard800
Gold IngotGold Ingotheating.pngMelted Gold Shard10 Melted Gold Shard800
Brilliant OpalBrilliant Opalheating.pngPolished Opal10 Polished Opal800
Bronze IngotBronze Ingotheating.pngMelted Copper Shard5 Melted Copper ShardMelted Tin Shard5 Melted Tin Shard800
Lead IngotLead Ingotheating.pngMelted Lead Shard10 Melted Lead Shard500
Black CrystalBlack Crystalheating.pngRough Black Crystal5 Rough Black Crystal500
Knitting YarnKnitting Yarnheating.pngFleece5 Fleece500
Iron IngotIron Ingotheating.pngMelted Iron Shard10 Melted Iron Shard500
Green CrystalGreen Crystalheating.pngRough Green Crystal5 Rough Green Crystal500
Flax ThreadFlax Threadheating.pngFlax5 Flax500
Cotton YarnCotton Yarnheating.pngCotton5 Cotton500
Copper IngotCopper Ingotheating.pngMelted Copper Shard10 Melted Copper Shard500
Concentrated Magical Black StoneConcentrated Magical Black Stoneheating.pngSharp Black Crystal Shard1 Sharp Black Crystal ShardBlack Stone (Weapon)2 Black Stone (Weapon)500
Concentrated Magical Black StoneConcentrated Magical Black Stoneheating.pngHard Black Crystal Shard1 Hard Black Crystal ShardBlack Stone (Armor)2 Black Stone (Armor)500
Tin IngotTin Ingotheating.pngMelted Tin Shard10 Melted Tin Shard500
Titanium IngotTitanium Ingotheating.pngMelted Titanium Shard10 Melted Titanium Shard500
Blue CrystalBlue Crystalheating.pngRough Blue Crystal5 Rough Blue Crystal500
Zinc IngotZinc Ingotheating.pngMelted Zinc Shard10 Melted Zinc Shard500
Vanadium IngotVanadium Ingotheating.pngMelted Zinc Shard10 Melted Zinc Shard500
Violet CrystalViolet Crystalheating.pngRough Violet Crystal5 Rough Violet Crystal500
Polished OpalPolished Opalheating.pngRough Opal5 Rough Opal500
Silk ThreadSilk Threadheating.pngSilkworm Cocoon5 Silkworm Cocoon500
Noc IngotNoc Ingotheating.pngMelted Noc Shard10 Melted Noc Shard500
Red CrystalRed Crystalheating.pngRough Red Crystal5 Rough Red Crystal500
Mud CrystalMud Crystalheating.pngRough Mud Crystal5 Rough Mud Crystal500
Melted Platinum ShardMelted Platinum Shardheating.pngPlatinum Ore5 Platinum Ore300
Melted Silver ShardMelted Silver Shardheating.pngSilver Ore5 Silver Ore300
Melted Mythril ShardMelted Mythril Shardheating.pngMythril5 Mythril300
Distilled WaterDistilled Waterheating.pngBottle of River Water1 Bottle of River Water300
Melted Gold ShardMelted Gold Shardheating.pngGold Ore5 Gold Ore300
Melted Lead ShardMelted Lead Shardheating.pngLead Ore5 Lead Ore200
Melted Noc ShardMelted Noc Shardheating.pngNoc Ore5 Noc Ore200
Melted Tin ShardMelted Tin Shardheating.pngTin Ore5 Tin Ore200
Melted Titanium ShardMelted Titanium Shardheating.pngTitanium Ore5 Titanium Ore200
Melted Vanadium ShardMelted Vanadium Shardheating.pngVanadium Ore5 Vanadium Ore200
Melted Zinc ShardMelted Zinc Shardheating.pngZinc Ore5 Zinc Ore200
Melted Iron ShardMelted Iron Shardheating.pngIron Ore5 Iron Ore200
Processed CoalProcessed Coalheating.pngCoal5 Coal200
Melted Copper ShardMelted Copper Shardheating.pngCopper Ore5 Copper Ore200
Lump of Raw SugarLump of Raw Sugarheating.pngRaw Sugar10 Raw SugarMineral Water1 Mineral Water100

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