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ALL World Life Combat Fishing Titles List

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194 Shown
Fail to enhance 180 items
152... 254... I cant count anymore. Im beginning to feel dizzy.
Aads Pharos - World
Complete Witch Awakening Quest
At last, star of Labreve is here--deep inside, Aads Pharos is near.
Acknowledged By All - World
Reach 67 Total Contribution Points
I feel good when I help others. This is the path Ive chosen.
Adventurer - World
Discover 30 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
Do I look like a real adventurer now?
All of Me - World
Awarded with the purchase of Heidel Masquerade Set
On this beautiful, glistening day, you are the only one who could have All of Me.
Almost Every Scholar - World
Achieve 2300 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Being a scholar in a single field is boring. Ive already learned it all. If I had to give myself a title, Id call myself the Scholar of Everything.
Alright! - World
Successfully enhance 100 items
A successful enhancement once again. Yes!
Ancient Civilization Guardian - World

I gained new power according to Atosas advice as a guardian of ancient civilization.
Ancient Fissure Guardian - World
Complete Quest The Bautt Protection
Ain Greid, the Dwarf chief and protector of the Ancient Fissure, has appointed me as an Ancient Fissure Guardian.
And the oscar goes to... - World
Launch Event And the oscar goes to (March 3-31)
Im kind of a big deal
Are you looking at me?! - World
CBT Beauty and Beast Contest Event
Are you looking at me?!
Ask Me Anything - World
Gain Knowledge of 450-480 People (Character Knowledge)
I only know what I know and nothing else. Ill tell you what I know.
Balenos is mine! - World

To the first conqueror of Balenos in Conquest War.
Bandit Punitive Force Captain - World
Complete Quest Destroying the Bandit Base
There is no need to understand Biraghis past. Theyre all just a bunch of lowly thieves now.
Bard - World
Achieve 600 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
A knowledgeable traveler with tales of adventure and combat... You should consider becoming a bard.
Best of the Virtuous - World
Reach 112 Total Contribution Points
When you need me, Ill find a way to be with you no matter where you are.
Beyond the Supreme - World
Reach Level 55
Supreme Ruler? What a joke. The people enthralled by that childish banter... Let them be...
Black Desert Lighthouse - World
Discover 600 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
I have an eye that can reveal everything. The darkness means nothing to me.
Black Spirits Friend - World
Successfully enhance 50 items
I used to feel awkward around you...
Black Stone Donator - World
Fail to enhance x items
If I had a quarter every time I used a Black Stone, Id be able to buy Calpheon and Valencia.
Black Stone Illusionist - World
Fail to enhance 155 items
See this Black Stone in my hands? Im gonna make it disappear like magic!
Blinded by Love - World
Successfully enhance 130 items
At first I thought the Black Spirit was kind of ugly. Not anymore. Youre the most beautiful creature on earth.
Book Fanatic - World
Achieve 700 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
I dont need a jar of honey. Knowledge is sweeter than honey can be and its contained within books.
Bounty Hunter - World
Complete Quest [CO-OP] Prize Hunt
Its still a bit complicated, but I think I finally understand the situation in Heidel.
Breakthrough DUO Node - World

Breakthrough DUO Node
Breakthrough PEN Node - World

Breakthrough PEN Node
Breakthrough PRI Node - World

Breakthrough PRI Node
Breakthrough TET Node - World

Breakthrough TET Node
Breakthrough TRI Node - World

Breakthrough TRI Node
Brighter Than The Sun - World
Achieve 2500 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Its not enough to call me a human. I want to be the sun.
Broke up with the Black Spirit - World
Fail to enhance x items
If I see that bastard again, Ill go berserk!
Brother of Goyen - World
Complete Warrior Awakening Quest
It proves your brotherhood in Goyen Mercenary Company, which was once the best mercenary company in the world.
Burn Out - World

Burn out at the beer festival!
Calpheon Castle is mine! - World

To the first conqueror of Calpheon in Conquest War.
Calpheon Guardian Angel - World
Complete Quest Kristinas Request
Corruption of the republic, disparity of social status, and the slums... My hand is always extended to the poor.
Cartians Descendants - World
Complete Sorceress Awakening Quest
Immortality shall be granted upon you, the legend of Tarif.
Choir Supporter - World
Complete Quest Seeking Support From Nobility
A good deed thats protected the choirs Hot Passion and Good Heart!
Cliffhanger - World
Reach Level 11
Its a big world with a lot of things going on. I cant really know for sure, but Ill find my way.
Confident - World
Successfully Enchant 7 items in a row
Whats this? Im feeling a little more confident?
Conqueror of Balenos - World
Given to members of the guild that held Balenos in the final pre-merge siege
To the last conqueror of Balenos in Conquest War.
Conqueror of Calpheon - World
Given to members of the guild that held Calpheon in the final pre-merge siege
To the last conqueror of Calpheon in Conquest War.
Conqueror of Mediah - World
Given to members of the guild that held Mediah in the final pre-merge siege
To the last conqueror of Mediah in Conquest War.
Conqueror of Serendia - World
Given to members of the guild that held Serendia in the final pre-merge siege
To the last conqueror of Serendia in Conquest War.
Conqueror of Valencia - World
Given to members of the guild that held Valencia in the final pre-merge siege
To the last conqueror of Valencia in Conquest War.
Consoler of the Mourning - World
Complete Quest Report to Allan Serbin
Those who couldnt die honorably. Understanding their unspeakable sorrow will console them.
Contract Revision Required - World
Fail to enhance 50 items
You said something about a contract as soon as I woke up... Is this what its like?
Cooperator of Bareeds III - World
Complete Quest Royal Insignia Taken by Shen
Ive become an ally of Bareeds III, the last prince of Mediah. I hope he compensates me in the future...
Daily Student - World
Achieve 400 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Given the chance to learn, Id rather study than eat.
Dark Chaser - World
Complete Quest Elric Monastery Report
Tantu, the Giant chief and protector of the Mausoleum, has appointed me as a Dark Chaser.
Dedicated Volunteer - World
Reach 21 Total Contribution Points
Even if my contribution isnt recognized, Ill put my life on the line.
Depressed - World
Fail to enchant 7 items
These things do happen. Its not a big deal, but it is a little sad...
Desert Guide - World
Discover 425 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
I become their eyes and feet. This is truly a meaningful life.
Destroyer of Dreams - World
Awarded to the first 100 to finish awakening quest for their class
The sweet slumber is over.
Didnt Even Break a Sweat - World
Sucessfully enhance 25 items
Becoming stronger is nothing to me!
Digging for Treasure - World

Successfully dug for treasure in the desert.
Distinguished - World
Achieve 1800 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Acting like I know everything isnt a sin. Why? Because I actually do.
Double Spy - World
Complete Quest Truth Never Sinks
Sociable, charming, eloquent. Im the best kind of spy.
Doubting the Black Spirit - World
Fail to enhance x items
I think the Black Spirit is hoarding Black Stones behind my back. Did it need something?
Eager to Learn - World
Achieve 800 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
I want to know so much more. What could be the basis for it? Im still so very hungry.
Early Bird - World
Awarded to people who preordered the game
Early Bird
Edanas Descendant - World
Complete Quest Secret Revealed
Im getting the gist of who I really am. One thing for certain is that Im a descendant of Edana.
Elions Blessed - World
Successfully Enchant 10 items in a row
Cant anybody else do this? Hahaha!
Embraced by Black Spirit - World
Fail to enhance x items
Why do you keep hurting me? Ive given you everything. Why do you keep making me cry?
Embraced by Evil - World
Complete Quest [CO-OP] Raid
Evil is permeating inside my body. Not too bad.
Enhance-ologist - World
Successfully enhance 180 items
If you really put your mind to enhancing something, the whole universe will help.
Enhancement Blunder - World
Fail to enhance 100 items
Elion, Aal, Kzarka... Please... Oh, god! Failure, again!
Enhancement Failure For Dummies - World
Fail to enhance 130 items
Croxus from Olvia called for me one day and introduced me to the kids this way.
Enlightened of the Kamasilve - World
Complete Quest Embodiment of Black Energy
Ive been enlightened of the Kamasilvian Ritual.
Everything According to Plan - World
Fail to enhance x items
You thought I wanted a successful enhancement? Wrong! I was planning to fail.
Expert at Everything - World
Achieve 2000 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Its not enough to be recognized as an expert in only one field. Im an expert at everything!
Explorer - World
Discover 250 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
The darkness gradually disappears and small lamps light the way.
Exploring Down Below - World

To you who have explored the mysterious underwater ruins..
Explosive Potential - World
Successfully enhance 155 items
When did you realize that my armor is more than just the property of someone famous?
Father of Success - World
Fail to enhance x items
Failure is the father to success! Ill be stronger through these hardships!
Flower in Winter - World
Complete Maehwa Awakening Quest
Finally answered to the calling of the Blue Flame after overcoming class and bias.
Friend of Annolisa - World
Achieve 1000 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Annolisa Rosie prefers books over men... I think I can understand why. Thank you, friend.
Friend of the Tinyas - World
Complete Quest Tinyas Trust
Neffy is waiting for her brother Horio, who was taken to the Abandoned Iron Mine. I hope theyll meet in Altinova.
Full of Spirit - World
Reach Level 51
Nobody will be my equal. Everyone should kneel before me!
Gentle Like Moonlight - World
Achieve 2400 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Now Im even more precious than the soft glow of the moonlight.
Getting Treated Everywhere - World
Reach 220 Total Contribution Points
Ive been pretty grateful for my meals lately. Ive been saying things like thank you.
Giant Leap - World
Complete Berserker Awakening Quest
A Giant in search of the land of prosperity awakens a new invention, Iron Buster.
Gladius - World
Recieved by participating in a fan-organized tournament
As a reward for your valor in one of the Black Desert fan-organized tournaments, you have been awarded the title of Gladius.
Gode-Ayed Tier - World
Complete Wizard Awakening Quest
The best of the Gode-Ayed Tier returns.
Good Communicator - World
Gain Knowledge of 80 People (Character Knowledge)
Knowledge is power. I wont be the one lacking common knowledge.
Great Warrior - World
Complete Quest Torrenandus Declaration of War
I confronted and helped the Bashims, the warrior tribe. That makes me a great warrior.
Guardian of the Narusawa House - World
Complete Ninja Awakening Quest
Halloween - World

A title for Halloween
Hard Worker - World
Reach Level 42
Nobody will be able to doubt my skills now. Just a little bit more to go!
Hated by the Dark Spirit - World
Fail to enchant 10 items
Helping Hand - World
Reach 5 Total Contribution Points
I feel the warmth of volunteer work. Its not easy, but it sure is rewarding!
Hero of Keplan - World
Complete Quest Keplan, Free of Threats
Ive protected Keplan from a huge threat by eliminated the Giants. Its nice to be called a hero for a while.
Hero of the Marine Knights - World
Complete Quest Trophy Report
The hope and savior of Calpheons Trina Marine Knights.
Highly Knowledgeable - World
Achieve 200 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Now that Ive learned so much, I shouldnt have a hard time talking to anyone.
History-Making - World
Achieve 2700 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
History is recorded. My existence should be recorded with it.
Holder of the Kalis Medal - World
Reach 180 Total Contribution Points
I received a medal from the Kalis Parliament of Calpheon in recognition of my contributions.
Hope of Peasants - World
Complete Quest Al Rhundi, Hero of the Peasants
I think I understand enough about Al Rhundis rebellion. I think highly of their pride.
How much? - World
Fail to enhance 25 items
Enhancements? Dont make me laugh. Ill pay you money for it! How much? Shut up and take my money!
Human Encyclopedia - World
Gain Knowledge of x People (Character Knowledge)
Watch and listen and you will learn.
I can show you the world - World
Complete quest Desert Traveler (limited)
Desert, adventure, and Valencia.
I like to move it, move it! - World
Launch Event Get movin! (March 3-22)
Event Reward: Get movin!
Icy Glare - World
Complete Quest Keplan Status Report
Keplan is afflicted with a petrifying disease, but the lord doesnt want that secret to be revealed.
Incarnation of Revenge - World
Complete Quest Brorums Revenge
I hope that Brorum from Tarif is able to take revenge for his wife.
Is This THE City? - World
Complete Quest In Search of Valencia City
I arrived at Valencia City after crossing the Great Desert. So, is this the city?
Joyful Contributor - World
Reach 34 Total Contribution Points
Haha, the villagers wont let me leave. They just keep giving me food.
Katan Mercenary - World
Complete Quest Join the Katan Military
I joined the Katan Army to help Prince Barhan. Im only a mercenary now, but no complainin.
Kayals Right-Hand Man - World
Complete Quest Missed Face
After listening to Kayal Nessers story, I became his right-hand man.
Khuruto Subjugator - World
Complete Quest Supporting the Hostage Rescue Force
Ive succeeded in subduing the Khuruto with the help of Karcenov and Elgriffin.
Know-It-All - World
Achieve 1500 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Silly! You didnt even know that? I know everything!
Legacy of Knowledge - World
Achieve 2600 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Ill leave a legacy of knowledge to my children.
Levelheaded - World
Gain Knowledge of x People (Character Knowledge)
Requirements to get this title are unknown. Please, help us to fill in the missing info!
Librarian - World
Achieve 2200 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Now Im more qualified than Annolisa to be a librarian at the Valkyrie Academy.
Lords Trusted - World
Reach 79 Total Contribution Points
The lords of the territories greet me. I know exactly what they need.
Master Baiter - World
Participated in CBT2 fishing event
Master Baiter
Mediah Castle is mine! - World

To the first conqueror of Mediah in Conquest War.
Mentally Transcended - World
Achieve 2800 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
The worlds greatest philosopher.
Messenger of Love - World
Complete Quest Fools Hope
Its difficult for me, but it looks easy when others do it. Oh well, Ill just be the exciting messenger of love.
More Knowledgeable Than You - World
Achieve 500 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Pfft. Can someone like you even begin to understand what I know?
Mother of Success - World
Fail to enhance x items
Failure is the mother to success! Ill be stronger through these hardships!
Motherlover - World

A special day to show your Mother some love.
Networker - World
Achieve 1700 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Theres not a single person who doesnt know me.
No Life - World
Reach Level 53
Wandering forever, whether its day or night. This is my world and my destiny.
No Mercy! - World

No Mercy!
Noble Savage - World
Achieve 300 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Ive accepted civilization. I dont have a trace of savagery left in me.
Node Veteran - World

For the guild who won 2 node wars...
October Fest - World

A title for October Fest
Officially Good - World
Reach 85 Total Contribution Points
Good. Im not quite the good kind of person... Ahem... We all do whats best for ourselves, right?
On the VIP List - World
Reach 250 Total Contribution Points
Nothing can replace me. Wherever I go, my fans will follow. Everybody knows who I am. Im a superstar.
One for all, and all for one - World

United we stand, divided we fall.
Only at the tip of Lancia - World
Complete Valkyrie Awakening Quest
Justice in your hand, Elion in your heart, and the scale of ideology only at the tip of Lancia.
Palm Forest Boy - World
Complete Quest Palm Forest Boy XII
Read the story of Palm Forest Boy, one of the many Valencian folk stories.
Passed Margarets Test - World
Complete Quest Margarets Test #2
Theres a reason that harpies attack. Thats the main point of Margarets test.
Pioneer - World
Discover 360 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
I feel like Im blazing my own trails now... Not a bad feeling.
Poverty in Abundance - World
Reach 150 Total Contribution Points
It seems like a lot, but Im still poor. More... I need more.
Power to Process - World
Reach Level 50
The strength Ive acquired is truly something to fear. Ill dominate this world.
Preacher of Selfism - World
Reach Level 52
Now I have my own devoted followers. Im an influential figure in this world. Thats right, me.
Successfully enhance 260 items
Every road leads to one. Every equipment must travel down one, as well.
PRI DUO... What? - World
Successfully enhance 501 items
I thought the enhancement was over, but I guess its far from it.
Princess of the Fallen Kingdom - World
Complete Tamer Awakening Quest
A descendant of the forgotten dynasty, awakened by the sacred beast.
Problematic Figure - World
Complete Quest Knowledge Battle with Hailey #10
Whatever your problem is, just bring it to me. All of them.
Quick-Witted - World
Achieve 1600 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Reading books all day has improved my mental dexterity.
Really Understood Heidel - World
Complete Quest Understanding the Politics of Heidel
Its still a bit complicated, but I think I finally understand the situation in Heidel.
Recognized By All - World
Reach 51 Total Contribution Points
It seems like the other adventurers recognize me, too.
Rookie Adventurer - World
Discover 10 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
I feel like Ive only scratched the surface.
Rookie Explorer - World
Discover 50 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
No more adventures. Im walking my own path now.
Ruins Guide - World
Complete Quest Surveying the Excavation Site
After all that time spent at the Ruins Excavation Site, I think I could be a guide at the Ruins Excavation Site.
Ruins Worker Assistant - World
Complete Quest Worker Training: Bully
I gave mental training to Ron, Totenun and Bully, the new workers at the Ruins Excavation Site.
Run, Kuno-Chan, Run! - World
Complete Kunoichi Awakening Quest
The last survivor of the Oeki clan. Dreaming of the day to take my revenge on the Sonan clan...
Sage - World
Achieve 3001 Knowledge (All Categories)
Water is water. I live like flowing water.
Saint - World
Gain Knowledge of 645 People (Character Knowledge)
Whats so difficult about enlightenment?
Satisfactory Revenge - World
Complete Quest Clean Revenge
Successfully revenged upon the two guys who have been hassling me.
Saw Donatts Journal - World
Complete Quest Donatts Will
The tragic name of Donatt... I think I understand Glish, the town that used to be called the Twin Villages.
Seasonal Sensation - World
Awarded to winners of the 2016 Calender Event
Seasons come and go, heroes are forever
Seeker of Knowledge - World
Achieve 40 knowledge (All Categories)
Youve only begun to search for knowledge. The journey ahead is a long one.
Senior in Node - World

For the guild who won a node war for the first time...
Serendia is mine! - World

To the first conqueror of Serendia in Conquest War.
Shaking Head - World
Fail to enhance x items
This is nothing for me... I can overcome greater obstacles than this.
Sincere Contributor - World
Reach 10 Total Contribution Points
The villagers believe in me. I cant let them down!
Skilled Adventurer - World
Discover 25 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
Theres a reward for hard work. Lets go into the darkness!
Skilled Explorer - World
Discover 130 Locations (Topography/Ecology/Adventure Journal Knowledge)
Ive met many people during my travels. I wonder if theyve traveled as much as I have?
Smart and Sexy - World
Complete Quest Knowledge Battle with Hailey #21
The knowledge was the easiest. The studying was the easiest. The quizzes were the easiest.
Social Butterfly - World
Complete Quest Head of the Batians
Im starting to know the nobles of Calpheon by talking about Elionism.
Soldier of Fortune - World
Achieve 1300 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Is combat skill absolutely necessary? Im a soldier of knowledge!
Sophisticated - World
Achieve 150 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
I can finally talk with someone of social stature, not just commoners.
Sorry for Being Smart - World
Achieve 1200 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Some people are jealous of me. If being smart is a sin, Ill accept the punishment.
Sparkle Sparkle - World
Successfully enhance 205 items
My equipment sparkles. Fantastic. Hey, dont stare at it like that.
Special Force Commander - World

For your excellent performance in the Conquest (Siege) War.
St.Nicholas - World

A title for St.Nicholas
Staggering - World

Its a beer kind of day. The earth is spinning a lot today.
Steel-Winged - World
Successfully enhance 230 items
Lets scream loud enough to break through the enhancement level.
Still Difficult - World
Achieve 75 knowledge (All Categories)
Youre still small compared to vast amount of knowledge. You need to push through the difficult times.
Stormtrooper - World

For your invaluable efforts in the Conquest(Siege) War.
Studied Abroad - World
Achieve 1900 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Ive been to Serendia and Calpheon... What? Ive studied abroad. Is there a problem with that?
Studious - World
Achieve 1400 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
Im on fire now. My hunger for knowledge is making me feel hot.
Supreme Ruler - World
Reach Level 54
The one who doesnt know me... will teach... my power...
Swag - World
Achieve 900 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
So you cant handle my smarts? If you dont like it, go study!
Territorially Acknowledged - World
Reach 44 Total Contribution Points
The residents in each territory are talking about me! Oh my, Im so embarrassed.
Thanksgiving - World

A title for Thanksgiving
The Awakened - World
Complete Quest [Co-op] Awakened Black Spirit
I was finally able to control the Black Spirit. Now I can do what I want in the world.
The Main Attraction - World

So I worked this awesome cosplay... and all I got was this title.
Topliner - World
Recieved by gifting the game to a friend
How generous I am.
Trailblazer - World
Reach Level 24
What to do, what to do? Im traveling the world to find my own way.
Trapped in Knowledge - World
Achieve 1100 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
I cant give up yet. My thirst for knowledge wont let me go.
Triathlete - World
CBT2 Event: The Triathlon
Early Bird
Troll Defense Contributor - World
Complete Quest Calpheon Military Representative
I managed to stop the attack of the ancient trolls, the work of Jordine and Belmorn. Those fiends.
Ultimate Weapon - World

For your best performance in the Conquest (Siege) War.
Valencia Castle is mine! - World

To the first conqueror of Valencia in Conquest War.
We are family - World

I got all my sisters with me.
Western Frontiers - World
Complete Musa Awakening Quest
The best Musa in the Orient, thats me.
Why dont you give it a try? Its Node War! - World

So what if I dont have my own node? Or my own castle? I enjoyed myself, at least.
Wind Runner - World
Reach 130 Total Contribution Points
If theres any way I can contribute to the city, Ill do my best to keep going.
Wise - World
Achieve 2100 pieces of knowledge (All categories)
People told me to be wise. Theyre finally starting to recognize that I am.
Witnessed the Resurrection of Belmorn - World
Complete Quest Find Edans Party
The resurrection of Belmorn, the Monarch of Darkness. Edan is hurt. I need to find him right away.
Worldly Learner - World
Reach Level 36
Im departing on a journey to uncover the truth of this world. There are so many things I can do.
Young Tree Sisters - World
Complete Ranger Awakening Quest
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