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Starch: Potato, Corn, Barley, Sweet Potato, Wheat
Vegetable: Tomato, Paprika, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Olive
Fruit: Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Banana, Pineapple
Bird meat: Kuku, Chicken, Flamingo

Recipes Shown: 8  Show ALL

Assorted Side Dishes

1 Fried Bird

2 Seafood

3 Cheese

5 Fruit

Hard-Boiled Shellfish

2 Seafood

5 Essence of Liquor

5 Garlic

5 Hot Pepper

5 Olive Oil

Margoria Seafood Meal

1 Prawn Salad

1 Steamed Prawn

1 Pan-Fried Oyster

1 Butter-Roasted Lobster

2 Fruit Wine

Seafood Grilled With Butter

1 Seafood

3 Butter

2 Salt

1 Olive Oil

Seafood Mushroom Salad

1 Seafood

1 Fortune Teller Mushroom

2 Dressing

Seafood Pasta

2 Seafood

5 Dough

3 Garlic

3 Cooking Wine

Steamed Seafood

2 Seafood

3 Hot Pepper

6 Mineral Water

2 Salt

Stir-Fried Seafood

1 Seafood

4 Vegetable

2 White Sauce

2 Hot Pepper

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