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Alchemy Ingredients and Recipes for Black Desert Online - BDO

Blood 1 Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah
Blood 2 Deer, Sheep, Pig, Waragon, Ox, Llama, Goat
Blood 3 Weasel, Fox, Racoon, Scorpion, Marmot
Blood 4 Troll, Bear, Ogre, Dinosaur, Yak, Lion
Blood 5 Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku, Cobra
Blood 6 Legendary Beast's, Tyrant's, Clown's, Sinner's, or Wise Man's Blood

Recipes Shown: 2  Show ALL
Elixir of Carnage recipe
Elixir of Carnage
Oil of Corruption ingredient
1 Oil of Corruption
Pure Powder Reagent ingredient
7 Pure Powder Reagent
Tiger Mushroom ingredient
2 Tiger Mushroom
Spirit's Leaf ingredient
2 Spirit's Leaf
Trace of the Earth ingredient
3 Trace of the Earth
Elixir of Shock recipe
Elixir of Shock
Clown's Blood ingredient
1 Clown's Blood
Tiger Mushroom ingredient
5 Tiger Mushroom
Cedar Sap ingredient
7 Cedar Sap
Powder of Time ingredient
3 Powder of Time

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