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Blood 1 Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah
Blood 2 Deer, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Pig, Ox, Waragon
Blood 3 Weasel, Fox, Racoon
Blood 4 Bear, Troll, Ogre
Blood 5 Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku

Recipes Shown: 6  Show ALL

Clear Liquid Reagent

1 Salt

1 Sunrise Herb

1 Weeds

1 Purified Water

Elixir of Will

1 Pure Powder Reagent

4 Sunrise Herb

6 Blood 1

3 Purified Water

Essence of Perfection

2 Fruit of Perfection

6 Sunrise Herb

6 Maple Sap

2 Powder of Flame

Fisher's Elixir

1 Wise Man's Blood

6 Sunrise Herb

3 Fir Sap

2 Powder of Flame

Resurrection Elixir

1 Clear Liquid Reagent

3 Sunrise Herb

3 Purified Water

2 HP Potion (Small)

Tenacious Origin of Life

50 Sunrise Herb

50 Silver Azalea

50 Fire Flake Flower

50 Dry Mane Grass

50 Silk Honey Grass Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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