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Alchemy Ingredients and Recipes for Black Desert Online - BDO

Blood 1 Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah
Blood 2 Deer, Sheep, Pig, Waragon, Ox, Llama, Goat
Blood 3 Weasel, Fox, Racoon, Scorpion, Marmot
Blood 4 Troll, Bear, Ogre, Dinosaur, Yak, Lion
Blood 5 Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku, Cobra
Blood 6 Legendary Beast's, Tyrant's, Clown's, Sinner's, or Wise Man's Blood

Recipes Shown: 4  Show ALL
Corrupt Oil of Immortality recipe
Corrupt Oil of Immortality
Turo Heart ingredient
1 Turo Heart
Remnants of Burnt Spirits ingredient
1 Remnants of Burnt Spirits
Oil of Regeneration ingredient
20 Oil of Regeneration
Oil of Fortitude ingredient
20 Oil of Fortitude
Oil of Corruption ingredient
20 Oil of Corruption
Elixir of Fury recipe
Elixir of Fury
Dwarf Mushroom ingredient
4 Dwarf Mushroom
Ash Sap ingredient
1 Ash Sap
Blood 4 ingredient
4 Blood 4
Purified Water ingredient
3 Purified Water
Elixir of Perforation recipe
Elixir of Perforation
Oil of Corruption ingredient
1 Oil of Corruption
Clear Liquid Reagent ingredient
4 Clear Liquid Reagent
Bluffer Mushroom ingredient
5 Bluffer Mushroom
Pine Sap ingredient
5 Pine Sap
Trace of Violence ingredient
2 Trace of Violence
Elixir of Shock recipe
Elixir of Shock
Clown's Blood ingredient
1 Clown's Blood
Tiger Mushroom ingredient
5 Tiger Mushroom
Cedar Sap ingredient
7 Cedar Sap
Powder of Time ingredient
3 Powder of Time

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