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Recipes Shown: 5 (100 max)   Reset

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion

1 Any Green Crystal

2 Essence of Nature

2 Mud Crystal

2 Clown's Blood

1 Any Green Crystal

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Memory

1 Magic Crystal of Enchantment - Memory

1 Fruit of Crimson Flame

2 Mud Crystal

3 Fortune Teller's Mushroom

1 Any Green Crystal

Magic Crystal of Infinity - Vigor

1 Magic Crystal of Abundance - Vigor

1 Fruit of Perfection

2 Mud Crystal

4 Maple Sap

1 Any Green Crystal

Mud Crystal

5 Rough Mud Crystal

Rough Opulent Crystal

50 Translucent Crystal

50 Mud Crystal

50 Black Crystal

50 Blue Crystal

50 Violet Crystal

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