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BDO Alchemy exp xp experience recipes, level, buffs and effects - Black Desert Online
Name↕️ XP↕️ Effect↕
Elixir of Deep Sea2000Skilled 1All AP +10
Max Stamina +100
Max HP +100
Back Attack Damage +10%
Down Attack Damage +10%
Air Attack Damage +10%
Khalk's Elixir2000Skilled 1All Resistance +10%
Damage Reduction +15
Max HP +100
Movement Speed 5%
Perfume of Courage2000Skilled 1All AP +20
Max HP +200
Attack Speed +5
Casting Speed +5
Movement Speed +5
Perfume of Swiftness2000Skilled 1Weight Limit +200 LT
Life EXP +20%
Movement Speed +5
Gathering Speed +5
Fishing Speed +5
Spirit Perfume Elixir2000Guru 1Max HP +300
Critical Hit Rate +5
Recover +3 MP/WP/SP per hit
Elixir of Assassination1610Skilled 1Back Attack Damage +10%
Elixir of Carnage1610Skilled 1Down Attack Damage +10%
Elixir of Detection1610Skilled 1Critical Hit Damage +10%
Elixir of Draining1610Skilled 1Recover +3 HP per Critical Hit
Elixir of Frenzy1610Skilled 1All DP -5
All AP +10
Elixir of Perforation1610Skilled 1Defense Nullifying Damage +5 per Back Attack
Elixir of Sky1610Skilled 1Air Attack Damage +10%
Golden Hand Elixir1610Skilled 1Luck +2/3
Grim Reaper's Elixir1610Skilled 1Recover +1/3 HP per hit
Oil of Corruption1400Skilled 1
Oil of Fortitude1400Skilled 1
Oil of Regeneration1400Skilled 1
Oil of Storms1400Skilled 1
Oil of the Abyss1400Artisan 1
Oil of Tranquility1400Skilled 1
Whale Tendon Elixir1400Skilled 1All Damage Reduction +100/125
Marking Reagent1100Skilled 5Displays hidden names when hitting.
Dragon's Tears1000Beginner 1
Elixir of Amity920Apprentice 1Amity +20%
Elixir of Death920Skilled 1Defense Nullifying Damage +5 per Critical Hit
Elixir of Demihuman Hunt920Apprentice 1Extra Damage to Demihumans +10
Elixir of Human Hunt920Apprentice 1Extra Damage to Humans +6
Elixir of Shock920Skilled 1Critical Hit +2
Elixir of Spells920Apprentice 1Casting Speed +2
Elixir of Swiftness920Apprentice 1Movement Speed +2
Elixir of Time920Apprentice 1Life EXP +10%
Elixir of Training920Apprentice 1Mount EXP +8/10%
Elixir of Wind920Apprentice 1Attack Speed +2/3
EXP Elixir920Apprentice 1Combat EXP +10%
Fisher's Elixir920Apprentice 1Fishing Speed +2
Griffon's Elixir920Artisan 1Extra Damage to Kamasylvian Monsters +12
Looney Elixir920Professionl 1Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +3%
Weenie Elixir920Apprentice 1Knowledge Gain Chance +7%
Worker's Elixir920Apprentice 1Gathering Speed +2
Essence of Abundance900Apprentice 1
Essence of Crimson Flame900Apprentice 1
Essence of Destruction900Apprentice 1
Essence of Enchantment900Apprentice 1
Essence of Magic Power900Apprentice 1
Essence of Nature900Apprentice 1
Essence of Perfection900Apprentice 1
Essence of the Sun900Apprentice 1
Clown's Blood800Apprentice 1
Gem Polisher800Apprentice 1
Leather Glaze800Apprentice 1
Legendary Beast's Blood800Apprentice 1
Metal Solvent800Apprentice 1
Plywood Hardener800Apprentice 1
Sinner's Blood800Apprentice 1
Tenacious Origin of Life800Skilled 1
Tyrant's Blood800Apprentice 1
Whale Tendon Potion800Apprentice 1Recover 500 HP
Recover 300 MP/WP/SP
Wise Man's Blood800Apprentice 1
Herbal Gunpowder700Professionl 10
Herbal Poison700Professionl 10
Miloberry's Apu Apu Waterstarwort500Beginner 1
Defense Elixir460Apprentice 1All Damage Reduction +5
Elixir of Concentration460Apprentice 1All Accuracy +8
Elixir of Endurance460Apprentice 1Max Stamina +100
Elixir of Energy460Apprentice 1MP Recovery Amount +10
Elixir of Fury460Apprentice 1All AP +5
Elixir of Life460Apprentice 1Max HP +100
Elixir of Mentality460Apprentice 1Max MP +100
Elixir of Resistance460Apprentice 1Debuff Resistance Against Monsters +10%
Elixir of Seal460Apprentice 1Underwater Breathing +10 sec
Elixir of Will460Apprentice 1Damage Received from Monsters -7.5%
Elixir of Wings460Apprentice 1Jump Height Up
Resurrection Elixir460Apprentice 1HP Recovery +10/15
Antidote Elixir400Beginner 1Cures Intoxication
Clear Liquid Reagent400Beginner 1
Elixir of Burn Removal400Beginner 1Cures Burns
Elixir of Hemostasis400Beginner 1Cures Bleeding
Pure Powder Reagent400Beginner 1
Helix Elixir200Apprentice 1All Evasion +8
Broken Alchemy StoneSkilled 1
Corrupt Oil of ImmortalityProfessional 6
Elixir of ArmorSkilled 1All Damage Reduction +8
Damage from Monsters -7.5%
All AP -3
Elixir of BrawnSkilled 1Strength EXP +10%
Elixir of DestructionExtra All Special Attack Damage +1%
Elixir of Fond MemoriesBeginner 1
Elixir of LaborSkilled 1Gathering Item Drop Rate +3%
Constant reduction of MP/WP/SP
Elixir of MasterySkilled 1All Life Skill Mastery +10
Constant reduction of MP/WP/SP
Elixir of PersistenceSkilled 1Breath EXP +10%
Elixir of SkillProfessional 1Skill EXP +10%
Movement Speed -2%
Flawless Spirit StoneSkilled 1
Oil of EnchantmentSkilled 1
Perfume of CharmSkilled 1All Evasion +15
Max HP +200
Special Attack Evasion Rate +10%
Perfume of InsightSkilled 1All Accuracy +15
Ignore All Resistance +3%
Max HP +100
Attack Speed +5
Casting Speed +5
Movement Speed +5
Refined Delotia ReagentSkilled 1
Special Honey JarBeginner 1Usage: Interact with Unstable Crevice and select "Place the Honey Jar.
Spirit Stone - DestructionSkilled 1
Spirit Stone - GuardianSkilled 1
Rough Opulent CrystalSkilled 1
Vell's Fine PowderProfessional 1
Essence of Tunta
Imperfect Alchemy Stone of DestructionBeginner 1All AP +2
Imperfect Alchemy Stone of LifeBeginner 1Alchemy/Cooking Time -0.5 sec
Processing Success Rate +5%
Imperfect Alchemy Stone of ProtectionBeginner 1All Damage Reduction +2
Oil of RegenerationSkilled 1
Runn Light FragmentBeginner 1
Purified Lightstone of EarthGuru 1
Purified Lightstone of EarthGuru 1
Ardan's JewelBeginner 1
Askasha's Repaired Magic WeaponBeginner 1
Purified Lightstone of FireGuru 1
Purified Lightstone of FireGuru 1
Purified Lightstone of FloraGuru 1
Purified Lightstone of FloraGuru 1
Purified Lightstone of WindGuru 1
Purified Lightstone of WindGuru 1

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