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Base Glove Armours List By Type or Name
Name Level Strengh Armour Dexterity Evasion Rating Intelligence Energy Shield Stats
Iron Gauntlets166
Rawhide Gloves3913
Wool Gloves394
Fishscale Gauntlets45959
Wrapped Mitts561163
Chain Gloves781438
Goathide Gloves91732
Plated Gauntlets112039
Velvet Gloves12219
Ironscale Gauntlets1514281428
Strapped Mitts161430146
Ringmail Gloves191635716
Deerskin Gloves213371
Bronze Gauntlets233677
Silk Gloves253917
Bronzescale Gauntlets2722502250
Clasped Mitts3125572511
Mesh Gloves3226581226
Nubuck Gloves3350109
Steel Gauntlets3552116
Embroidered Gloves365424
Steelscale Gauntlets3629652965
Trapper Mitts3629652913
Riveted Gloves3729671329
Eelskin Gloves3856125
Antique Gauntlets3958129
Satin Gloves416027
Serpentscale Gauntlets4334783478
Zealot Gloves4334781534
Sharkskin Gloves4566148
Ambush Mitts4535813516
Ancient Gauntlets4768154
Samite Gloves476830
Wyrmscale Gauntlets4938883888
Carnal Mitts5039903918
Soldier Gloves5140921840
Goliath Gauntlets5376174
Shagreen Gloves5478177
Conjurer Gloves557935
Legion Gloves57441032044
Assassins Mitts58451044520
Hydrascale Gauntlets594510645106
Arcanist Gloves609543
Stealth Gloves6297231
Vaal Gauntlets63100232
Crusader Gloves66511212451
Dragonscale Gauntlets675112151121
Murder Mitts67511215124
Titan Gauntlets6998242
Sorcerer Gloves699747
Spiked Gloves7095220(16-20)% increased Melee Damage
Gripped Gloves7095220(14-18)% increased Projectile Attack Damage
Slink Gloves7095242
Fingerless Silk Gloves709543(12-16)% increased Spell Damage

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