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Total Subnodes 200
Total SubNode CP of Selected 333
Total MasterNode CP of Selected 189
Total Masternode and Subnode CP 522
Total CP to Subnode Ratio 2.61
Name Region Master Node CP Sub Node CP Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3 Resource 4
Abandoned Iron Mine 1Mediah23Iron OrePowder of DarknessRough Black Crystal
Abandoned Iron Mine 2Mediah23Zinc OrePowder of TimePlatinum Ore
Ahto Farm 1Mediah22Aloe
Ahto Farm 2 Mediah22CottonCotton Yarn
Albresser IslandSea - West11Dried OctopusDried RayDried MulletDried Pintado
Alejandro Farm 1Serendia21Cooking Honey
Alejandro Farm 2Serendia21Pumpkin
Altas Farmland 1Valencia22Teff
Altas Farmland 2Valencia22Teff
Ancient Fissure 1Mediah23Silk Honey Grass
Ancient Fissure 2Mediah23Zinc OrePowder of TimeRough Red Crystal
Ancient RuinsMediah13Trace of EarthTrace of Chaos
Ancient Stone ChamberBalenos11Trace of AscensionTrace of Earth
Angie Island 1Sea Central11Dried SkipjackDried FilefishDried Stripped CatfishDried Bluefish
Angie Island 2Sea Central11Dried DolphinfishDried Stripped CatfishDried BluefishDried Clownfish
Areha Palm Forest 1Valencia13CoconutPalm TimberPalm Plank
Areha Palm Forest 2Valencia13CoconutPalm TimberPalm Plank
Baeza IslandSea - West11Dried SaurelDried OctopusDried MulletDried Nibbler
Balenos Forest 1Balenos21Ash TimberSpirit's Leaf
Balenos Forest 2Balenos21Sunrise Herb
Bambu ValleyValencia13Freekeh
Barater Island 1Sea - West11Dried RayDired MulletDried SurfperchDried Pintado
Barater Island 2Sea - West11Dried SurelDried Flying FishDried MulletDried Bigeye
Bartali Farm 1Balenos21Chicken MeatEgg
Bartali Farm 2Balenos21Potato
Bashim BaseValencia13Iron OrePowder of DarknessRough Black Crystal
Bazaar Farmland 1Valencia23Nutmeg
Bazaar Farmland 2Valencia23Teff
Behr RiverheadCalpheon11Tin OrePowder of Earth
Beiruwa IslandSea Central11Dried FlatfishDried WhitingDried SurfperchDried Blue Tang
Bernianto FarmCalpheon21Trace of BattleTrace of Forest
Bree Tree Ruins 1Calpheon11Birch TimberBirch Sap
Bree Tree Ruins 2Calpheon11Tiger Mushroom
Capotia 1Valencia13Copper OrePowder of FlameRough Opal
Capotia 2Valencia13Teff
Casta FarmBalenos11Grape
Castle RuinsSerendia21Maple TimberMaple Sap
Coastal Cave 1Balenos11Copper OrePowder of Flame
Coastal Cave 2Balenos11Iron OrePowder of Darkness
Coastal Cliff 1Balenos11Fortune Teller Mushroom
Coastal Cliff 2Balenos11Iron OrePowder of Darkness
Costa Farm 1Serendia21FlaxFlax Thread
Costa Farm 2Serendia21Pumpkin
Costa Farm 3Serendia21Wheat
Crescent Mountains 1Valencia33Iron OrePowder of DarknessRough Black Crystal
Crescent Mountains 2Valencia33Iron OrePowder of DarknessRough Black Crystal
Crescent Shrine 1Valencia13Date Palm
Crescent Shrine 2Valencia13Titanium OreRough Violet CrystalPowder of Flame
Cron Castle SiteBalenos11Sunrise Herb
Daton IslandSea - West11Dried SurelDried Sea BassDried Flying FishDried Bugeye
DelingHart Island 1Sea Central11Dried SwellfishDried FlatfishDried WhitingDried Blue Tang
DelingHart Island 2Sea Central11Dried RockfishDried Round HerringDried SurfperchDried Blue Tang
Ehwaz Hill 1Balenos11Ash TimberAsh Sap
Ehwaz Hill 2Balenos11Fortune Teller Mushroom
Elric Shrine 1Mediah13Sky Mushroom
Elric Shrine 2Mediah13White Cedar TimberWhite Cedar SapBloody Tree Knot
Ephde Rune IslandSea Central11Dried Skipjackdried filefishDried DolphinfishDried Stripper Catfish
Erdal Farm 1Valencia23Date Palm
Erdal Farm 2Valencia23Pistachio
Erdal Farm 3Valencia23Silk ThreadSilkworm Cocoon
Finto Farm 1Balenos21Chicken Meategg
Finto Farm 2Balenos21Potato
Fohalam Farm 1Valencia23Teff
Fohalam Farm 2Valencia23Teff
Forest Of PlunderBalenos11Arrow Mushroom
Forest of Seclusion 1Balenos21Copper OrePowder of Flame
Forest of Seclusion 2Balenos21Maple TimberMonk's Branch
Gavinya Coastal Cliff 1Valencia12Sunrise Herb
Gavinya Coastal Cliff 2Valencia12Vanadium OreRough OpalPowder of Darkness
Gavinya Great CraterValencia22Titanium OreRough Blue CrystalPowder of Flame
Gavinya Volcano 1Valencia32Titanium OreRough Violet CrystalPowder of Flame
Gavinya Volcano 2Valencia32Vanadium OreRough Blue CrystalPowder of Crevice
Glish RuinsSerendia11Trace of OriginTrace of Hunting
Glish Swamp 1Serendia11Cloud Mushroom
Glish Swamp 2Serendia11Lead OrePowder of Time
Glutoni Cave 1Calpheon11CoalPowder of Crevice
Glutoni Cave 2Calpheon11Emperor Mushroom
Goblin Cave 1Balenos11Ash TimberSpirit's Leaf
Goblin Cave 2Balenos11Copper OreRough Translucent Crystal
Gorgo Rock Belt 1Valencia11Elder Tree TimberElder Tree SapElder Tree Sap
Gorgo Rock Belt 2Valencia11Pistachio
Hexe Stone WallCalpheon11Iron OrePowder of Darkness
Holo ForestKamasylvia22Noc OrePowder of Time
Imp Cave 1Balenos11Copper OrePowder of Flame
Imp Cave 2Balenos11Copper OrePowder of Flame
Invernen Island 1Sea Island11Dried SaurelDried AngleDried DolphinfishDried Striped Catfish
Invernen Island 2Sea Island11Dried SurelDried SkipjackDried DolphinfishDried Striped Catfish
Iris Canyon 1Valencia13Elder Tree TimberElder Tree Sap
Iris Canyon 2Valencia13Nutmeg
Ivero CliffValencia12Arrow MushroomHigh-Quality Arrow MushroomSpecial Arrow Mushroom
Kamasilve Temple 1Mediah22FlaxFlax Thread
Kamasilve Temple 2Mediah22Tiger Mushroom
Karanda RidgeCalpheon11Silk Honey Grass
Kasula Farm 1Mediah22Cinnamon
Kasula Farm 2Mediah22CottonCotton Yarn
Keplan QuarryCalpheon11CoalPowder of Crevice
Khuruto CaveCalpheon11Tin OreRough Red Crystal
Kmach Canyon 1Valencia13Star Anise
Kmach Canyon 2Valencia13Vanadium OreRough Blue CrystalPowder of Crevice
Kunid's Vacation SpotValencia13Bag of Muddy WaterPurified Water
Lake FlondorKamasylvia32Noc OrePowder of Earth
LeiCal FallsValencia13Bag of Muddy WaterPurified Water
Lisz Island 1Sea Central11Dried TunaDried Stripped CatfishDried BluefishDried Checkerboard Wrasse
Lisz Island 2Sea Central11Dried SkipjackDried FilefishDried DolphinfishDried Tapertail Anchovy
Loggia FarmBalenos21Potato
Longleaf Tree ForestCalpheon11Cedar TimberCedar Sap
Longleaf Tree Sentry PostCalpheon21Silk Honey Grass
Looney CabinKamasylvia12White MushroomWhite Flower Mushroom
Loopy Tree ForestKamasylvia22Loopy Tree TimberLoopy Tree PlankLoopy Tree Sap
Louruve IslandSea Central11Dried TunaDried Stripped CatfoshDried ClownfishDried Checkerboard Wrasse
Luivano IslandSea Central11Dried SkipjackDried DolphinfishDried Stripped CatfishDried Surfperch
Lumberjack's Rest AreaCalpheon11Cedar TimberSpirit's Leaf
Lynch Farm Ruins 1Serendia11Silver Azalea
Lynch Farm Ruins 2Serendia11Trace of SavageryTrace of Hunting
Lynch RanchSerendia21FleeceKnitting Yarn
Mansha Forest 1Calpheon21Fir TimberFir Sap
Mansha Forest 2Calpheon21Trace of ViolenceTrace of Despair
Marie CaveCalpheon11Ghost Mushroom
Marie CaveCalpheon11Pine TimberPine Sap
Mariveno Island 1Sea Central11Dried Stripped CatfishDried SignaidDried BluefishDried Clownfish
Mariveno Island 2Sea Central11Dried Skipjackdried filefishDried Stripped CatfishDried Signaid
Marni's 2nd LabMediah22Silk Honey Grass
Mediah Northern Highlands 1Mediah23Maple TimberMaple SapOld Tree Bark
Mediah Northern Highlands 2Mediah23White Cedar TimberWhite Cedar SapOld Tree Bark
Mediah ShoreMediah13Copper OrePowder of FlameRough Opal
Modric IslandSea - West11Dried SaurelDried CeroSried SurfperchDried Bigeye
Moretti Plantation 1Serendia11FlaxFlax Thread
Moretti Plantation 2Serendia11Wheat
Nada Island 1Sea Margoria32OysterDried Sea BassDried SwordfishDried Flying Fish
Nada Island 2Sea Margoria32ShrimpDried Sea BassDried SwordfishDried Flying Fish
Northern CienagaSerendia11Dwarf Mushroom
Northern Heidel Quarry 1Serendia11Copper OrePowder of Flame
Northern Heidel Quarry 2Serendia11Iron OrePowder of Darkness
Northern Plain of Serendia 1Serendia11Maple TimberRed Tree Lump
Northern Plain of Serendia 2Serendia11Silver Azalea
Northern Sand DuneValencia12Cactus RindCactus ThornCactus Sap
Northern Wheat Plantation 1Calpheon21Barley
Northern Wheat Plantation 2Calpheon21Paprika
Northern Wheat Plantation 3Calpheon21Wheat
Oben Island 1Sea - West11Dried SwellfishDried MulletDried SurfperchDried Pintado
Oben Island 2Sea - West11Dried SwellfishDried SaurelDried Flying FishDried Bigeye
Old DandelionCalpheon11Birch TimberRed Tree Lump
Omar Lava Cave 1Mediah23CoalPowder of CreviceRough Ruby
Omar Lava Cave 2Mediah23Zinc OrePowder of TimePlatinum Ore
Orffs IslandSea Island11Dried SaurelDried GruntDried DolphinfishDried Striped Catfish
Oze PassCalpheon11Cedar TimberMonk's Branch
Phoniel’s CabinCalpheon21Fir TimberFir Sap
Pilava Island 1Sea Central11Dried FlatfishDried GruntDried WhitingDried Blue Tang
Pilava Island 2Sea Central11Dried RockfishDried Round HerringDried GrouperDried Blue Tang
Pilgrim's Haven 1Valencia33Cactus RindCactus SapCactus Thorn
Pilgrim's Haven 2Valencia33Iron OrePowder of DarknessRough Black Crystal
Pilgrim's Sanctum Valencia31Trace of Memory
Polly's ForestKamasylvia22Blue Parasol MushroomPink Trumpet Mushroom
Primal Giant PostCalpheon11Lead OrePowder of Crevice
Pujara Island 1Sea Central11Dried SwordfishDried SkipjackDried FilefishDried Clownfish
Pujara Island 2Sea Central11Dried SkipjackDried DolphinfishDried Stripped CatishDried Golden Thread
Pujiya CanyonValencia33Copper OrePowder of FlameRough Opal
Quint Hill 1Calpheon11Birch TimberRed Tree Lump
Quint Hill 2Calpheon11Lead OrePowder of Time
Randis Island 1Sea - West11Dried SaurelDried OctopusDried MaomaoDried Bigeye
Randis Island 2Sea - West11Dried Scorpian FishDried PintadoDried John DoryDried Bigeye
Rhua Tree Stub 1Calpheon11Emperor Mushroom
Rhua Tree Stub 2Calpheon11Trace of ForestTrace of Despair
Rhutum OutstationCalpheon11Tin OreRough Green Crystal
Roud Sulfur WorksValencia25SulfurRough DiamondPowder of Crevice
Serca IslandSea - West11Dried PorgyDried Flying FishDried Scorpian FishDried Mullet
Serendia ShrineSerendia11Pine TimberMonk's Branch
Shady Tree ForestKamasylvia13Moss Wood TimberMoss Wodd PlankMoss Wood Sap
Shakatu Farmland 1Valencia33Fig
Shakatu Farmland 2Valencia33Star Anise
Shakatu Farmland 3Valencia33Fig
Shuri FarmMediah22Sweet PotatoHigh-Quality Sweet PotatoSpecial Sweet Potato
Southern Cienaga 1Serendia11Cloud Mushroom
Southern Cienaga 2Serendia11Iron OreRough Mud Crystal
Southern KamasylviaKamasylvia22Noc OrePowder of Crevice
Staren Island 1Sea Central11Dried TunaDried Scorpian FishDried Stripped CatfishDried Checkerboad Wrasse
Staren Island 2Sea Central11Dried RockfishDried FileFishDried DolphinfishDried Tapertail Anchovy
StoneTail WastelandMediah13Acacia TimberAcacia SapBloody Tree Knot
Taramura Island 1Sea Central11Dried FlatfishDried WhitingDried Blue Tang
Taramura Island 2Sea Central11Dried RockfishDried Round HerringDried WhitingDried Surfperch
Teyamal Island 1Sea - West11Dried SaurelDried OctopusDried CeroDried Pintado
Teyamal Island 2Sea - West11Dried SaurelDried Flying FishDried SurfperchDried Gurnard
Thermian CliffBalenos11Copper Ore
Titium Valley 1Valencia33Palm TimberPalm PlankPalm Sap
Titium Valley 2Valencia33Pistachio
Titium Valley 3Valencia33Teff
Tooth Fairy ForestKamasylvia32BethelonaTrace of Forest
Toscani Farm 1Balenos21Corn
Toscani Farm 2Balenos21Corn
Treant ForestCalpheon11Fir TimberBloody Tree Knot
Valencia Plantation 1Valencia23Date Palm
Valencia Plantation 2Valencia23Freekeh
Valencia Plantation 3Valencia23Pistachio
Veteran's CanyonValencia13Elder Tree TimberElder Tree Sap
Viv Forettas CabinKamasylvia21StrawberryHigh Quality Strawberry
Wale FarmBalenos11Olive
Weenie CabinKamasylvia12Volcanic Parasol MushroomGreen Mushroom
Weita IslandSea Central11Dried NibblerDried BluefishDried SurfperchDried Maomao
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