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Base Recovery Flasks List
Type Name Level Life Mana Duration Usage Capacity
Life FlasksSmall Life Flask1706721
Mana FlasksSmall Mana Flask16051030
Life FlasksMedium Life Flask31506.5828
Mana FlasksMedium Mana Flask39061236
Life FlasksLarge Life Flask62507930
Mana FlasksLarge Mana Flask611071035
Hybrid FlasksSmall Hybrid Flask101007052040
Mana FlasksGreater Mana Flask121405.61232
Life FlasksGreater Life Flask1236071032
Life FlasksGrand Life Flask1864061025
Mana FlasksGrand Mana Flask1821010830
Hybrid FlasksMedium Hybrid Flask2023010052040
Life FlasksGiant Life Flask2483081030
Mana FlasksGiant Mana Flask2434071040
Life FlasksColossal Life Flask30100071032
Mana FlasksColossal Mana Flask302005.6525
Hybrid FlasksLarge Hybrid Flask3051014052040
Life FlasksSacred Life Flask36120061025
Mana FlasksSacred Mana Flask3666091040
Hybrid FlasksColossal Hybrid Flask4069020052040
Life FlasksHallowed Life Flask42199081030
Mana FlasksHallowed Mana Flask422907420
Life FlasksSanctified Life Flask50146031530
Hybrid FlasksSacred Hybrid Flask50144040052040
Mana FlasksSanctified Mana Flask501050141040
Mana FlasksDivine Mana Flask604005530
Life FlasksDivine Life Flask60240071545
Hybrid FlasksHallowed Hybrid Flask60174048052040
Mana FlasksEternal Mana Flask6596010840
Life FlasksEternal Life Flask65208041545

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