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Workshop Crate Type Base Price Weight
Mineral WorkbenchJewelry Crate18903030
Mineral WorkbenchMythril Ingot Crate18903030
Fish WorkbenchSunfish Crate5847030
Fish WorkbenchSturgon Crate5559030
Fish Workbench Cuvier Crate5271030
Wood WorkbenchCalpheon Timber Crate5079030
Fish WorkbenchSwiri Crate4983030
Mineral WorkbenchTitanium Ingot Crate4695030
Mineral WorkbenchVanadium Ingot Crate4311030
Wood WorkbenchMediah Timber Crate4023030
Fish WorkbenchNibbler Crate3520030
Fish WorkbenchTuna Crate3520030
Fish WorkbenchSmokey Chromis crate3520030
Fish WorkbenchPorgy Crate3360030
Fish WorkbenchMoray Crate3262030
Wood WorkbenchSerendia Timber Crate3255030
Fish WorkbenchGrunt Crate3200030
Mineral WorkbenchBrass Ingot Crate3159030
Fish WorkbenchLeather Carp Crate3082530
Fish WorkbenchSea Bass Crate3024530
Fish WorkbenchSnakehead Crate2967030
Mineral WorkbenchBronze Ingot Crate2967030
Fish WorkbenchMandarin Fish Crate2909530
Fish WorkbenchPacu Crate2880030
Wood WorkbenchBalenos Timber Crate2871030
Fish WorkbenchPiranha Crate2823030
Crop WorkbenchEverlasting Herb Crate2487030
Mineral WorkbenchSteel Ingot Crate2103030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Olive Crate1524030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Sunflower Crate1524030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Grape Crate1473030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Garlic Crate1422030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Paprika Crate1422030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Onion Crate1371030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Tomato Crate1371030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Carrot Crate1320030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Pumpkin Crate1320030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Hot Pepper Crate1294530
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Strawberry Crate1269030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Pepper Crate1243530
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Purple Mushroom Crate1192530
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Pie Mushroom Crate1167030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Leccinum Crate1141530
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Truffle Mushroom Crate1116030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Bouquet Mushroom Crate1090530
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Ancient Mushroom Crate1065030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Arrow Mushroom Crate1065030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Cloud Mushroom Crate1065030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Ghost Mushroom Crate1065030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Hump Mushroom Crate1065030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Dwarf Mushroom Crate1014030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Fog Mushroom Crate1014030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Sky Mushroom Crate1014030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Tiger Mushroom Crate1014030
Fish WorkbenchJohn Dory Crate998430
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Bluffer Mushroom Crate988530
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Emperor Mushroom Crate963030
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Fortune Teller Mushroom Crate963030
Fish WorkbenchGolden thread Crate932030
Fish WorkbenchMaomao Crate926430
Fish WorkbenchPomfret Crate926030
Fish WorkbenchAngler Crate912530
Fish WorkbenchOctopus Crate912030
Fish WorkbenchLenok Crate893530
Fish WorkbenchCheckerboard Wrasse Crate891030
Fish WorkbenchYellow Swordfish Crate880030
Fish Workbench Arowana Crate870530
Fish WorkbenchHerring Crate858530
Fish Workbenchstriped Shiner Crate855030
Fish WorkbenchSwordfish Crate855030
Fish WorkbenchSea Eel Crate848030
Fish WorkbenchYellow-Head Catfish Crate847530
Fish WorkbenchCero Crate839530
Fish WorkbenchSwellfish Crate836030
Fish WorkbenchTapertail Anchovy Crate820030
Fish WorkbenchFreshwater Eel Crate816530
Fish WorkbenchGrouper Crate816530
Mushroom WorkbenchSpecial Amanita Mushroom Crate810030
Fish WorkbenchSiganid Crate804530
Fish WorkbenchCarp Crate797530
Mineral WorkbenchMud Crystal Amulet of Curses777020
Mineral WorkbenchBlack Crystal Amulet of Authority768020
Mineral WorkbenchGreen Crystal Amulet of Wealth750020
Mineral WorkbenchRed Crystal Amulet of Lovers741020
Fish WorkbenchCherry Salmon Crate740030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Nolina Crate733530
Mineral WorkbenchTranslucent Crystal Amulet of Happiness723020
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Dalvenia Alrea Crate708030
Mineral WorkbenchOpal Jewelry Box705020
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Penestraria Crate682530
Mineral WorkbenchBox of Mythril645030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Silver Azalea Crate631530
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Fire Flake Flower Crate606030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Dry Mane Grass Crate580530
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Silk Honey Grass Crate555030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Sunrise Herb Crate555030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Corn Crate529530
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Barley Crate504030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Wheat Crate504030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Olive Crate480030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Sunflower Crate480030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Grape Crate465030
Fish WorkbenchBigeye Crate460830
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Potato Crate453030
Crop WorkbenchSpecial Sweet Potato Crate453030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Garlic Crate450030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Paprika Crate450030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Onion Crate435030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Tomato Crate435030
Crop Workbench High-Quality Carrot Crate420030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Pumpkin Crate420030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Hot Pepper Crate412530
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Strawberry Crate405030
Fish WorkbenchFlying Fish Crate403230
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Purple Mushroom Crate382530
Fish WorkbenchPintado Crate377630
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Pie Mushroom Crate375030
Fish WorkbenchCroaker Crate375030
Fish WorkbenchSkipjack Crate368030
Fish WorkbenchBlue Tang Crate362030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Truffle Mushroom Crate360030
Fish WorkbenchBeltfish Crate358030
Fish WorkbenchRay Crate358030
Crop Workbench High-Quality Leccinum Crate357530
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Bouquet Mushroom Crate352530
Fish WorkbenchSardine Crate352030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Ancient Mushroom Crate345030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Arrow Mushroom Crate345030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Cloud Mushroom Crate345030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Ghost Mushroom Crate345030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Hump Mushroom Crate345030
Mineral WorkbenchBunch of Coal345020
Fish WorkbenchSweetfish Crate344030
Fish WorkbenchCatfish Crate342530
Fish WorkbenchTrout Crate340030
Fish WorkbenchTerrapin Crate336530
Fish WorkbenchBluefish Crate333030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Dwarf Mushroom Crate330030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Fog Mushroom Crate330030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Sky Mushroom Crate330030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Tiger Mushroom Crate330030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Bluffer Mushroom Crate322530
Fish WorkbenchFlounder Crate321030
Fish WorkbenchGrayling Crate321030
Fish WorkbenchRockfish Crate317530
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Emperor Mushroom Crate315030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom Cra315030
Fish WorkbenchMackerel Crate311530
Fish WorkbenchGunnel Crate310030
Fish WorkbenchBass Crate305530
Fish WorkbenchSmelt Crate294530
Fish WorkbenchAmber Jack Crate292030
Fish WorkbenchKuhlia Marginta282530
Fish WorkbenchSalmon Crate279030
Fish WorkbenchClownfish Crate275030
Mushroom WorkbenchHigh-Quality Amanita Mushroom Crate270030
Fish WorkbenchSteed Crate269530
Fish WorkbenchCrucian Carp Crate266030
Crop Workbench High-Quality Nolina Crate247530
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Dalvenia Alrea Crate240030
Mineral WorkbenchBox of Titanium237030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Penestraria Crate232530
Fish WorkbenchCrawfish Crate231030
Fish WorkbenchGreenling Crate227530
Fish WorkbenchDolphinfish Crate225030
Fish WorkbenchSquid Crate225030
Fish WorkbenchRoundtail Paradisefish Crate219030
Fish WorkbenchSeahorse Crate219030
Fish WorkbenchYellowfin Sculpin Crate219030
Fish WorkbenchFlatfish Crate218030
Fish WorkbenchGurnard Crate218030
Fish WorkbenchPerch Crate218030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Silver Azalea Crate217530
Fish WorkbenchFilefish Crate214030
Fish WorkbenchMullet Crate214030
Fish WorkbenchRosy Bitterling Crate214030
Fish WorkbenchBlackfin Sweeper Crate212030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Fire Flake Flower Crate210030
Fish WorkbenchStriped Catfish Crate209530
Fish WorkbenchButterflyfish Crate208030
Fish WorkbenchSandfish Crate206030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Everlasting Herb Crate204030
Fish WorkbenchJellyfish Crate202530
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Dry Mane Grass Crate202530
Fish WorkbenchBitterling202030
Fish WorkbenchSilver-stripe round Herring Crate200030
Fish WorkbenchMudfish Crate198530
Fish WorkbenchScorpion Fish Crate198530
Fish WorkbenchShellfish Crate198530
Fish WorkbenchBleeker Crate196030
Fish WorkbenchBluegill Crate195030
Fish WorkbenchNotch Jaw Crate195030
Fish WorkbenchRound Herring Crate195030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Silk Honey Grass Crate195030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Sunrise Herb Crate195030
Fish WorkbenchRosefish Crate192530
Fish WorkbenchMinnow Crate190030
Fish WorkbenchRock Hind Crate190030
Fish WorkbenchSaurel Crate189030
Fish WorkbenchWhiting Crate189030
Mineral WorkbenchBox of Vanadium189030
Wood WorkbenchElder Tree Timber Box189020
Crop Workbench High-Quality Corn Crate187530
Wood WorkbenchAcacia Timber Crate183030
Fish WorkbenchDace Crate183030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Barley Crate180030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Wheat Crate180030
Fish WorkbenchBubble Eye Crate179530
Fish WorkbenchSurfperch Crate179530
Wood WorkbenchPalm Timber Box178220
Wood WorkbenchWhite Cedar Timber Crate177030
Fish WorkbenchSoho Bitterling Crate176030
Wood WorkbenchCedar Timber Crate171030
Fish WorkbenchCrab Crate171030
Fish WorkbenchStarfish Crate170030
Fish WorkbenchFourfinger Threadfin Crate167530
Wood WorkbenchPine Timber Crate165030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Potato Crate165030
Crop WorkbenchHigh-Quality Sweet Potato Crate165030
Mineral WorkbenchZinc Ore Crate165030
Fish WorkbenchMudskipper Crate164030
Wood WorkbenchFir Timber Crate159030
Mineral WorkbenchLead Ore Crate159030
Wood WorkbenchBirch Timber Crate153030
Mineral WorkbenchIron Ore Crate153030
Mineral WorkbenchTin Ore Crate153030
Wood WorkbenchMaple Timber Crate147030
Wood WorkbenchAsh Timber Crate141030
Mineral WorkbenchCopper Ore Crate141030
Mushroom WorkbenchPurple Mushroom Crate112530
Mushroom WorkbenchPie Mushroom Crate111030
Crop WorkbenchLeccinum Crate109530
Mushroom WorkbenchTruffle Mushroom Crate108030
Mushroom WorkbenchBouquet Mushroom Crate106530
Mushroom WorkbenchAncient Mushroom Crate105030
Mushroom WorkbenchArrow Mushroom Crate105030
Mushroom WorkbenchCloud Mushroom Crate105030
Mushroom WorkbenchGhost Mushroom Crate105030
Mushroom WorkbenchHump Mushroom Crate105030
Mushroom WorkbenchDwarf Mushroom Crate102030
Mushroom WorkbenchFog Mushroom Crate102030
Mushroom WorkbenchSky Mushroom Crate102030
Mushroom WorkbenchTiger Mushroom Crate102030
Crop WorkbenchOlive Crate102030
Crop WorkbenchSunflower Crate102030
Mushroom WorkbenchBluffer Mushroom Crate100530
Mushroom WorkbenchEmperor Mushroom Crate99015
Mushroom WorkbenchFortune Teller Mushroom Crate99015
Crop WorkbenchGrape Crate99015
Crop WorkbenchGarlilc Crate96015
Crop WorkbenchPaprika Crate96015
Crop WorkbenchOnion Crate93015
Crop WorkbenchTomato Crate93015
Mushroom WorkbenchAmanita Mushroom Crate90015
Crop WorkbenchPumpkin90015
Crop WorkbenchCarrot Crate90015
Crop WorkbenchHot Pepper Crate88515
Crop WorkbenchStrawberry Crate87015
Crop WorkbenchNolina Crate85515
Crop WorkbenchPepper Crate85515
Crop WorkbenchDalvenia Alrea Crate84015
Crop WorkbenchPenestraria Crate82515
Crop WorkbenchSilver Azalea79515
Crop WorkbenchFire Flake Flower Crate78015
Crop WorkbenchDry Mane Grass Crate76515
Crop WorkbenchSunrise Herb75015
Crop WorkbenchSilk Honey Grass Crate75015
Crop WorkbenchCorn Crate73515
Crop WorkbenchBarley Crate72015
Crop WorkbenchWheat crate72015
Crop WorkbenchPotato Crate69015
Crop WorkbenchSweet Potato Crate69015

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